Mohammed Dugally

Service 1/20/2014

I completed 75 hours over the summer at a children’s daycare, Ms. Huda’s Family Daycare, where i helped care for children between the ages of 1-4 years old. This was no easy task, however, it did teach me a lot. First, I gained tremendous respect for the teachers who choose this age group. Although I do understand being a teacher, in general, is no walk in the park, caring for these young ones in extremely difficult. with all the screaming, running around, crying, singing, and dirty diapers, I don’t see how the daycare providers put up with it. Having to not only take care of the kids, but teach them as well, i was immediately put to work. Within the first couple hours, I realized why teachers put up with this. seeing the smile of a child after you read them a story, play with them, or even take them around the block is beautiful. Seeing the pictures they draw and listening to them explain what the picture is of is wonderful. I understood this summer why daycare providers choose to do what they do, and it is because they appreciate the little things and truly love what they do.

Creative 1/20/2014

This past weekend, I participated in the 30 Hour Famine at St. Louise Church. This was truly the most incredible experience anyone could have been a part of and I am extremely glad that my friend told me about it. Starting on Saturday at 12 PM, a group of 120-130 students gave up food for 30 hours to experience what so many people experience everyday. During these 30 hours, we raised about $10,000 and packaged 15,000 6 day meals for starving, malnourished children in western Africa. We also listened to speakers talk to us about the significance of what we were doing, and why it was important. During the packaging, each bag of food had to weigh between 389-394 grams. Although I wanted to put more, i realized that if i added to one bag, another bag would have less. I ended up making each bag 394 grams. It really hit me that this little bag is all a child had for 6 whole days. Whenever i would have to subtract from the bag because it was over weight, I felt horrible. The fact that i eat every 2 hours but so many children are lucky if they get one meal a day really made me think of how blessed I really am. This experience taught me a lot. Having my friends by my side throughout the whole thing, not only brought us closer, but taught us together. We also met many new people. This was an incredible event that I would definitely love to do again.

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