Michelle Perez

Service 1/27/2014

I have recently volunteered to do the 30 hour famine at St. Louise Church. It was an experience of a life time to be honest. We did so many activities and we did not eat for 30 hours, it was crazy! However it was all worth it at the end. We first started off the day by getting to know one and other. I had the privilege in being a small-group leader. My group was amazing! We all agreed and one of our favorite parts of the famine was being able to package around 15,000 bags of food for people who were less fortunate. Our motto was “Go hungry so others don’t have too” It was crazy to take in that 29,000 children die of hunger each day. On Sunday we would stand outside the each mass starting from 7 am to be able to ask for donations. When I was standing outside with a bucket in my hands, an elderly woman comes up to me and says “You know I don’t believe in the 30 hour famine, I don’t believe in starving myself for that long. It has no purpose.” Once the lady said this to me it hit me. Of course I did not say anything to her because I have always believed in respecting my elders. However once she said that I finally began to realize what the famine taught me. It taught me that I was a unappreciative and ungrateful human being. I regret the days I would come home from practice and my mom told me we were having tacos and all I said was “ew again, can you make me something else.” I regret all the times wasted food and I just took everything in my life for granted. To me, the 30 hour famine had a special purpose into teaching me that I need to be more appreciative of what I have. I never understood the real meaning of starvation until that day. I could not imagine having to go through day after day. So even if the lady told me she did not think the famine had a purpose, I still believed it did. I believed it gave you a true understanding of what people go through and it made me feel great as a human being. It shows one that no one should have to go through such a hardship and we should all help a little each month. Society now a days takes everything for granted and they always forget about those who suffer. Overall, I could not be more grateful of experiencing the 30 hour famine and it has made me live each day with more love, appreciation for the things I have, and most importantly being extremely blessed.

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