James Christopher Cruz

Creative 12/20/2013

Barnes and Noble Choir Performance 9/14/13 30 minutes
Barnes and Noble is annual choir performance which is a great way to give a sneak peak of our choir before our Fall Showcase. During our time slot at Barnes and Noble our choir preformed the our Disney Medley, which we had been working so hard on. Also, I was honored to preform a duet with Adrian Manila of the song “Nice Guys” by Chester See featuring Nigahiga and Kev Jumba. It was one of the first times I had ever sung in front of a crowd. Not mention I also rapped. Though the experience was extremely nerve racking,it was great way to help me get over my stage fright. Moreover, it was to complimented for my performance by strangers and friends.

Covina City Council Choir Performance 12/17/13 30 minutes
This is the second time I preformed with choir at City Hall for the Covina City Council. It is a nice experience and way to show off our talents and what we have worked on for the past few months. It was really great this year because the Council even asked for an encore. It is always fun to perform and sing for people. Plus, it’s a great way for us to represent the arts to the city.

Service 12/20/2013

Campus Clean-Up (Earth Club) 9/19/13, 10/1/13 2 hours 45 minutes
Campus Clean Up at Charter Oak is a low trending activity at our school. As I came to volunteer for Campus Clean up after school (for the first time), I saw that there were few people who volunteered to do so. Though there were a low number of volunteers, the students who came were enthusiastic about helping our school out. It was nice to see students excited to help clean up our school. They’re excitement spread to me, as I was encouraged to have a positive attitude as I picked up trash throughout the school. Though the job is tedious, it is also rewarding. Before picking up trash, Ms. Foy, head of the earth club, supplies a group of three with essential items to helping making our campus clean. The supplies include a checklist, a trash bag, a set of gloves, and one pair of trash grabbers. The checklist was used to keep track of the type of trash we picked up along the way. My group of three included Thea Riley, Elizabeth Rose, and myself. We each took turns carrying the trash bag, picking up trash, and marking the types of trash we picked up throughout the campus. At the end, we returned all of our trash to Ms. Foy’s room. After seeing all the trash that my group and other groups had collected, I felt a sense of great accomplishment. Although, we couldn’t make the campus extremely clean, I was glad to see we made at least some sort of impact. It would be nice to see more people joining together to help our campus clean.

Beach Clean Up (Earth Club) 9/21/13 2 hours
This was my second time attending the Beach Clean Up at Bolsa Chica Beach with Earth Club. Both years were extremely fun ways of aiding the community. At the clean up I was able to go along side with many of my friends and help clean up the beach. The first time I attended the beach clean up, our duty was to clean up trash along the waterways. While we did this, we were also able to see much of the seaside wildlife and even fetch a bird’s dead carcass/bones for Ms. Foy’s biology class. These great memories led me to attend Beach Clean Up again. This time, our duty was to weed specific plants that threatened other plants that the area was trying to protect. Prior to walking down the pathway, the supervisors of the beach clean up gave us a picture of what the threatening plant looked like, warning us to not mistakenly weed the plants they were trying to protect. As my fellow club members and I walked up and down the pathway looking for the threatening plants, we struggled to find the exact plant we were instructed to weed. In the end, the supervisors told us that the plants that we were passing by were actually the weeds. After they gave us this information, the club members and I were able to fill large trash bags full of the threatening plants. It felt extremely nice that we were able to make an impact on the community. Moreover, it was a very nice reward to relax on the beach after a long day of service and weeding.

Rose Parade (Biology Club) 9/29/13 2 hours 20 minutes
For this Biology Club event, I went to the area where the flowers were to be grown for the Rose Parade. However, when the club arrived to the destination, we learned that the flowers had been already picked. After this, the advisors of the event led us to a new destination at Cal Poly. They gave us a quick tour of the “bone yard.” This was a place where they store old pieces of past Rose Parade floats and where they would make the new steel structures of the floats. After our small tour, we were able to help out by cleaning out dirty boxes with dry petal residue. We spent most of our time there helping cut dried flower petals that were to be pasted onto the final Rose Parade floats. It was nice to be part of and help in a large process that would result in the creation of a grand float that would eventually be presented in the annual Rose Parade.

Recycle Bins (Biology Club) 10/18/13, 10/22/13 1 hour 55 minutes
The Biology Club has implemented a new program in our school aimed into making our school more environmentally friendly. During lunch a group of students, including myself, helped set up recycling bins that are to be placed around school to promote the recycling of plastic bottles. The next day I aided in placing the recycle bins around school and in some of the teachers’ classrooms. After that, there were designated days of cleaning out the recycle bins in which I also helped with. While helping clearing out the recycle bins the work was a tough job because some people put trash into the recycle bins, which made the job difficult and dirty. It is a rewarding job after seeing all the bottles everyone has gotten.

Field of Valor (Key Club) 11/17/13 3 hours
The Field of Valor was an amazing site to see. I helped in the taking down the flags which was a bit nerve racking because you had to be sure not to let any of the flags touch the ground. After taking down all of the flags, we took the stakes out of the ground, which lead to some blistered hands. Though, it was a bit of tough work it went by very quickly with the many volunteers. It was nice to see a large amount of kids helping the community and how fast something can be accomplished with teamwork.
Pomona Thanksgiving Prep. (Key Club) 11/23/13 4 hours
This was a great event to attend. I helped in organizing clothes, toys, and hygiene products that were to distributed to economically disabled people. After helping set up I helped in giving away free products to these people. It was so nice to the bright faces of these people as we gave them much needed supplies. It was extremely nice to see little children get toys and costumes and be extremely grateful for these little things. After this distribution of products, we were able to serve a Thanksgiving dinner to the same underprivileged families. It was a great sight to see that these people were so joyful even under their economic conditions. All this service made me feel so happy to help out and made me want to do more service for the community.

Isaiah’s Rock Thanksgiving Packaging (Key Club) 11/26/13 3 hours 30 minutes
At Isaiah’s Rock I was able to serve with fellow Key Club members in sorting and packaging food for the underprivileged. Through the mass of members that attended, we were able to quickly sort out the cans and move on to the process of packaging. The packaging was also done very quickly by creating an assembly line of Key Club members. I was glad to quickly sort out package food for those who were greatly in need of it.
Isaiah’s Rock Thanksgiving Distribution (Key Club) 11/27/13 6 hours
Isaiah’s Rock Thanksgiving Distribution was a very enjoyable experience. At the event we split into small groups to help the needy and bring the food into their cars. My group, Juliana Martinez and Camila Alvarez, were very glad to help those who needed it by carrying supplies to their cars. It was rewarding to get a lot of gratitude from these people. After carrying supplies to the cars of those who were in need, my group was then recruited to help distribute supplies. This was a very heart warming experience. When I was distributing juice to one lady, she was so grateful that she was in tears. It made me feel extremely happy to be volunteering and giving back to the community. However, I gave much sympathy to the woman who was so grateful for the food. I would definitely be interested in doing this type of service once again.

Christmas Caroling to the Community 12/6/13 10 hours
Christmas Caroling to the community, more commonly known as “Run-Around-Day” by members of ACE, is one of the most important things to me in choir. After my first Run-Around-Day in sophomore year, I highly anticipated doing it again the next year. It is one of the most experiences I have ever had the joy to take part in. Though we have to fundraise money for transportation, it is extremely rewarding to give to the community. We visit many retirement homes and middle schools. At the middle schools, we strive to inspire the children to join choir and to set an example as young people who are eager to serve the community. At retirement homes, our goal is to make the residents’ holiday a bit brighter. My favorite part of the day is sitting down and having a small chat with some of the elders after our performance. It’s also nice to be recognized as handsome by some of the elderly folks. It such a great feeling when an elder says that they wait for our performance all year. In the end, constant practice, hard work, fundraising, and eleven concerts at the end of the day is extremely rewarding. Christmas Caroling for the community is by far one of my favorite ways of service.

Choir Clean-Up/Set Striking 11/14/13 2 hours
The choir was an extreme success with all nights being sold out. After the show had ended, the whole set was to be taken down. Staying and serving the set crew as a fun and simple of helping out. After creating such a beautiful set, I felt that it was right that I help the crew clean up. Though some things, such as moving the risers to Ms. Schmalzbach’s classroom, is a bit difficult it is nice to know that I am serving those who had help make our choir show such a great success.

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