Farah Baker

Creative 2/1/2015

06/30/2014 – 08/09/2014
This summer (2014), I volunteered as a Summer Day Camp Counselor. As a Camp Counselor, I was responsible for many of the children that attended the camp. I would help some of the younger children draw and create posters. Everyday after the physical activities had come to an end, the children were allowed to go inside and explore their artistic side. I would stay almost everyday and help the children with their drawings.

Action 2/1/2015

06/30/2014 – 08/09/2014

While volunteering as a Summer Day Camp Counselor this summer, I participated in every activity with the children. Usually, the children would play 5-6 activities per day that took about an hour and a half. I helped set up and take down these activities prior to their arrival. I would participate in every physical activity and help the children. It was an enhancing experience to watch the children unite and gain perspective on teamwork.

Service 2/1/2015

09/29/2014 – 12/08/2014

Prior to finals (2014) and tests, I tutored a freshman in Math and Science. We would meet 2 or 3 times a week for about 3 hours. I began my tutoring session by going over her class notes and verifying that she knew the material. I would move on to her classwork and go over the answers thoroughly. Once I knew that she had a good grip of the material and she was ready to move on, I would allow her to do her homework on her own and then later check her progress. Overall, I helped her ace that final and bring her grade up drastically. It was an amazing experience to be able to influence her to become a more determined and capable scholar.

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