Ethan Mendoza

Service 1/30/2014

This year, I was a manager for the Women’s Varsity Tennis team. I am extremely grateful for this experience. It taught me commitment and respect. I placed this under service and not action because I helped record scores, helped get the water from the room, and helped some of the girls get better. I was not on the court as much as I was dealing with papers that the coach needed me to handle, and filling out any forms or receipts that were needed. Also, I turned in all the athletic packets for my coach and I wrote the receipts for uniforms. I learned commitment because I was required to attend practice every day even though it was not my season to play. Coach needed me to be there every day to help him with everything, so I had to be just as committed to managing as I was to playing. This also helped me gain a higher respect for our coach because I realized how much behind-the-scenes work he has to do. As a player the previous year, I did not know Coach had to fill out all this paper work for us and all of the work he put in outside of practice and matches. By the end of the season, Coach told me I was his right-hand man and that he couldn’t do it without me. 🙂

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