Susanna Varghese

Service 2/11/2015

Being active in my church activities is a major aspect of my life. I love being apart of each fellowship within my church, especially sunday school. This year (2014-15) has been my first year teaching sunday school. I teach the 1st and 2nd graders and I can honestly say that I have learned just as much as my students have. Patience is key upon dealing with children and every time they don’t understand something I have figure out the best way to explain it.
Usually the following Sunday I will ask my students what they learned the previous Sunday, and the kids always remember what I taught them and this make me feel great as if I have impacted their lives some way or another.
This past summer our youth group hosted the Western Region Youth Conference and I was apart of the activities committee. I came up with games and ice breaker that we could play during the conference. Because I was the one who knew how to play the games, I had to explain it to everyone else. I am not very keen on public speaking and I was afraid to do so. I was really shaking the first day and I knew people had noticed my nervousness, but afterwards people I had just met hours before told me that I did a good job and that made me feel better about being nervous. I have learned that when you are doing something in the name of God, there is no reason to be nervous or scared.

Action 2/11/2015

Playing tennis for two seasons was one of the best decisions of my high school career. It was difficult to manage the intensive hours and my i.b classes, but in the end it I realize that it taught me about discipline, and teamwork. It was hard to keep up with the pace but as soon as my grades started to slip it made me realize that it was going to take a lot more effort from me in order to better myself. No one can teach you hard work, there needs to come a moment where you yourself come to a realization; and tennis for me was that moment.
Teamwork is also a big learning experience for me. Being a doubles player you always need communication between you are your partner, and without that you will not do well. At first, it was very hard for me to work with another person. I tend to keep to myself and try to do everything by myself. But during our second game of the season my team was counting on my and my partner to win the game, and I knew I needed to work with my partner. We each trusted the other and used our strengths in order to become the best we could be. We still did not win the game but we did win one set and that was a good moment to remember back on.

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