Natalie Montes

Action 6/12/2014

This year, I participated in both the girls tennis season (54 hours) and was a manager during boys season (54 hours). Participating in tennis helped me learn the importance of working as a team as well as being a leader. As the season progressed, I was not only able to improve my tennis skills, but I was able to make many friends among other team members. Being captain, it was important that I helped hold the team together and was always positive no matter the outcome of out matches. As a manager, I worked alongside 3 other girls to make sure that the basic necessities were met and that practices and games ran smoothly. We would get the water, pick up balls, run many drills for skill improvement, and help keep the morale of the team high. Serving as managers made me feel like I was doing my part to help others who shared the same passion for tennis that I do. I was also able to keep my tennis practice up. I look forward to having the opportunity to both playing and being a manager for the tennis team next year.

Service 6/12/14

This year has been very eventful in terms of Key Club. Many events have taken place and have given members the opportunity to better serve their community. One major event was Conclave and the February DCM. Conclave is a yearly event that takes place at the end of the year. Delegates make the decision of who will lead their division the next school year. This person will set up service events and social events for the club. Therefore, this is an important decision for the entire division and I was honored to be a part of it. Another event was the April DCM and Kiwanis One Day Service Project. At this event, we cleaned up a regional park in Rowland Heights and made it presentable for visitors looking to enjoy a beautiful park. We repainted tunnels and picked up trash on trails. We also had a meeting to discuss new ideas and future events. Key Club has helped me learn to be a more involved community member and I am excited for the many events planned for next year!

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