Natalie Escobedo

Creative 9/25/2015

During my junior year, I participated in a confirmation retreat. In order to prepare for it, my group of volunteers made numerous posters to decorate the facility where the retreat was taking place. It was a way of creating a more welcoming and homey environment. We also made posters for several games we used as ice breakers. As well as making the posters, I planned and outlined the ice breaks and creative games for the attendants to participate in. I learned a lot about creating a warm, welcoming environment through creative ideas.

Action 9/25/2015

During my junior year, I played JV soccer at this high school and had several pre-season, tournaments, and season league games. It was a lot of hard-work and the teams we competed against were competitive. I learned a lot about dedication and being there for my team by working hard and creating a bond with my teammates.

Service 9/25/2015

I volunteer at my church, St. Louise de Marillac weekly and have been all my high school years. However, my junior and senior year I’ve committed myself to being a peer minister leader as well as committing to participate in the planning of several events, such as the 30 Hour Famine, and Year 2 Retreat (3 day retreat). This year, as a senior, I am continuing in my peer ministry and participate in several “youth nights” and confirmation classes by leading the sessions and helping prepare for them. During my junior year, I went to Confirmation class (2 hours) each week and also attended several meetings to help prepare for the lesson from August-May. This experience has opened my eyes to joy that comes with serving others and my love for teaching and leading other kids that can relate to me.
All summer, I volunteered at a Pregnancy Help Center in Temple City. I would go 1-3 times a week, working for 4 hours each. There, I helped organize baby clothes and equipment and handed out goods to mother’s who came to get help. It was really inspiring to see how the program started from a few women who wanted to give back to the young mother’s who had trouble financing their family and baby. Now, the program is doing great things and everyday touching the lives of young mothers.

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