Mireya Moronez

Service 1/29/2015

Beginning in September of my senior year, I have spent every Sunday teaching 10 four-year old preschool students about our Catholic faith. I teach alongside two other teachers who try to help spread the word of God. The most challenging part of it all is getting the 10 restless and eager young children to pay attention to the lessons that we try to teach them. The four year old age group can be very difficult to handle because some still do not seem to understand the difference between right and wrong. I try my best to arrive before class starts to help the other teachers prepare, and I usually end up staying after class helping clean up and organize. One Sunday, a boy who I had spent extra time helping during class ran up to me and gave me a big hug. At this point, I felt appreciated and loved by my students. He thanked me for being his teacher and always helping him when he needed it. What I have taken most from this experience is that it is always important to help others because that is what God hopes we all try to do. I love spreading my Catholic faith and helping children build relationships with God. Not only have the children built friendships with each other and God, but I know my friendships with the students, teachers, and God have also grown from this experience. I plan on teaching up until the week I leave for college because I love it so much and will miss it, dearly.

Action 1/28/2015

I have been involved in a sport since my freshman year of high school. I was on JV cheer my freshman and sophomore year, and on Varsity cheer my junior and senior year. Cheerleading is a huge part of my life that I cherish greatly because it has shaped me into the person I am today. For all high school varsity cheerleaders, the best part about cheer is being under the Friday night lights cheering on our football team. My favorite part about cheering on Friday nights was being able to call out cheers during the games in front of the entire crowd. It was always fun to spread school spirit and represent our school. However, the nights we were not on the field, we were busy building and mending friendships and our team. Being on a team of 30 or more teenage girls who all have different personalities was the biggest challenge to overcome my four years of high school. While on the varsity cheer team, I learned how to work with others even when times were tough and when we all felt like giving up. I slowly realized over the years that it is important to not let problems or emotions build up within teammates and to always try to stay united as a family. While cheering for the various sports on their game nights, I learned that the only way a cheer team works is if all the females work together with patience and determination for success. As a senior cheerleader, it will be hard for me to let go of high school cheer; I know I am leaving behind my legacy as a Charter Oak cheerleader, and taking with me a family that was just once a team.

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