Liam Augustyn


Confirmation Youth Volunteer at church: I assist an instructor with faith related lectures being taught to 10th graders preparing for Confirmation at church. I will also attend a retreat with students this coming spring. I enjoy being involved this way because it strengthens my faith and allows me to expand and share it with others.

Member of Key Club on campus at COHS: I attend meetings and participate in Key Club events. I’ve learned about future community service events that I will participate in. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to be able to help those in need through various activities including raising money, collecting items, and donating gifts.

Member of Sharing Our Humanity Club on campus at COHS: I attend meetings and work on plans for the spring fundraising dinner. This year we will raise money for soccer equipment for children of a developing country. I am Committee Head this Senior Year to help plan for the upcoming dinner this spring. Being a part of this group gives me a greater sense of charity since I am able to assist others around the world.

Service 1/31/2014

I served on COHS’s WASC Committee as a student rep. this past 2013 fall semester. I was one of a handful of students representing the student body. I was able to give my input in the discussion groups concerning the curriculum standards of COHS. This helped me become more vocal and further improved my communication skills. I was able to serve and build-up my school community by suggesting potential improvement and sharing my opinions that I felt would represent other students on campus. (6hrs)

St. Louise Vacation Bible School July 8-12, 2013. I was a group leader at my church’s bible camp this past summer, I led groups of elementary aged children through activities, These activities were intended to help strengthen and guide them through their faith journey. This experience helped strengthen my leadership and organizational skills by keeping the kids on task and managing our time during activities. As a result of assisting in this manner, I feel a stronger connection to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and I felt I matured in my faith and as a young man. (20hrs.)


Action 1/31/2014

1-31-14 I’m currently participating in COHS Men’s tennis. I’ve been playing for 2 years, and I’m steadily improving and building my game. I made it to varsity this year. It’s helped me battle through adversity because it helps give me balance outside of the academic world. I feel a sense of freedom when I play the game. I have also learned skills in collaboration and teamwork through the many doubles matches that I’ve won and lost.

Creative 1/31/2014

Attending the Key Club Pre-Fall Rally and Rally taught me several life skills. I participated in trust and communication exercises like trust-falls and having to go around in the group and talk with someone I didn’t know. I was able to create new friends within the Division 35 East Key Club. I met others with similar ambitions and goals. It was really comforting to see the amount of enthusiasm we all had for serving the common good of others. Lastly, it helped me break out of my comfort zone and become less shy. This was in Nov. 2013.

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