Nathan Scoglio

How am I growing in my own awareness of my strengths and weaknesses?

What challenges have I been through?


While working the choir show in the winter I was left with several challenges. Some challenges were technical while others were personal. One challenge was makings sure the set was built for the show. The set consisted of two giant windows and a giant Christmas tree, all decorated heavily with Christmas ornaments and typical decorations. Having the patience to accomplish such a task was needed as others and myself became irritated when something was not working. Of course, in the end it was all situated with and we all worked together to finish it.

In what ways have I started new challenges?

In what ways have I developed new skills?


The choir show helped me develop skills in managing and essentially skills as a leader. The choir students allowed me to assist them and lead them to where they needed to be and what they needed to do. I ensured that the show did not fail and that everyone was successfully doing what they needed to be doing. The new developed leadership skills helped me see what it would be like in the future to manage a group of individuals. This could be helpful for me in the future if I ever wanted to manage a company or lead an organization. Even building the set taught me some building skills that I may use in the future as well.

In what ways have I shown perseverance and commitment to my activities?

In what ways have I worked collaboratively?

Stage Manager

In the choir show, I was working as a stage manager. I made sure certain individuals were where they needed to be at the right time. This involved me having to work collaboratively with other fellow stage managers, Mrs. Schmalzbach, the set director, and choir performers. At times, things may have gotten difficult, but after long periods of cooperation, things became much easier. Collaboration is key when working with others, or else you would simply have members who refuse to cooperate and a failed show.

In what ways have I been engaged in issues with global importance?

Book Fair

In early fall, I engaged in working for the Book Fair held at Barnes and Noble annually. I was tasked with working for the Environmental group which involved removing “trash” from an “open body of water with wildlife”. Essentially the task was to fish out, using fishing rods with magnetic pieces at the end, any harmful waste in the water, of which had magnetic pieces in it as well. In the game, the fish is the only thing that must be left over. This game was intended for a younger audience, but essentially I understood the point of the game. The game was a smaller representation of a global issue. This global issue is the contamination of water where organisms may exist. This issue kills many of the wildlife and heavily contaminates the water to the point where it may become hazardous to not only plants and underwater animals, but ourselves as well. Engaging in this very minute and simple game really made me realize the larger importance of such a massive issue. Seeing the younger kids partake in this activity really put a smile on my face as they may not have known how much they could help in the future with the real issue.

What are the ethical or moral implications of what I’m doing and learning?

Service 6/1/2013

The first thing that I participated in was an event known as DTASC. As a student entering advanced drama next year, I figured I might attend the event to get an idea of what I am to experience when I come to school next year. The role that I took in the event was a role known as Room Chair. This role involved me introducing the judges to their classrooms and the groups to their assigned turn. Luckily I was not alone throughout the entire event. Nick Bratcher joined me in room chairing throughout the day, since he had done it the previous time the event took place. Our jobs involved timing the individual groups during their presentations and making sure that they did not surpass the allotted time. For the 10 hours that we spent on the event working, we were able to visit our fellow students from our own Charter Oak drama department every once and a while. It was a very interesting event for my first real experience of anything like this. Basically, after it was over, I was sure that next year I would strive to become involved in this event once again, maybe this time I could actually be one of the people performing.
About a month ago, I was asked by one of my friends to assist in an event that her family helps put together for a local Japanese community. Hasmik Mkrtchyan is involved in karate and her group would assist in planning a tea event every year. This year was the first year I helped. Along with a few of her other friends, I assisted the workers by helping gather the water for making the tea and working with the people in the room to actually make the tea. It was a very relaxed process… until the demand for tea increased quickly. I was forced to rush back and forth between buildings to gather the blazing hot water. At one point the very hot water had spilled on my arm and burned it. It was excruciating, though I was able to pull through. At the end, we were all recognized for our service of approximately 4 hours and we were introduced to the Japanese community that we were serving. Overall, it was an interesting event that I learned a lot from. I really did enjoy it.
Finally, about 3 weeks ago I partook in working for the choir show. Me and a couple others were given the job of working house. Our job was to collect tickets, pass out pamphlets, guide people to seats, and check to make sure everything on stage was situated with. The first two nights, Tuesday and Wednesday, we spent two hours each day doing work to prep for the show including setting up the senor recognition papers and some props. The official show began on night of Thursday. The show ran on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, each going for about 3 hours. Each show allowed me to become closer to those I was working with as well as those performing in the show. Ms. S was the one in charge and she gave us each a role. After working the show, I was really intrigued with their performance. Personally, I very much enjoyed the show and working for it. It became a struggling task at times with certain things making our jobs more difficult, but in the end we all made it to completing our tasks. I was amazed to see on Friday night the amount of high school students who supported the show and those involved in the performance. The 13 hours that I spent during the show really made me think of how much I really enjoy the performing arts at Charter Oak.


Action 6/1/2013

This year, I began the swim program hoping for a chance at staying in shape and working to participate in more extracurricular activities. School has always been a top priority for me and always will be; although, I felt as though there was something I should partake in outside of the educational portion of school. I had done water polo in the fall so I figured swim would be an excellent sport to continue on in. Throughout the year I worked with my fellow teammates to persevere and do my best in swim. This not only provided me with physical conditioning, but it also brought me to my potential in a sport in which I could interact with my teammates, coaches, and even opposing schools. Overall, I was able to make new friends in the process of swim as well. The total hours that I participated in were from all the meets that I had took part in (with a meet usually running for 3 hours each or more). In all those hours, I only had the goal of winning or at least doing my best in the events that I was assigned to do. It was a fantastic year to join swim (and my first). I hope to join next year and do the same thing!

Creativity 6/1/2013

Earlier on in the year, I decided to join along with 3 other friends to participate in a program known as Blankets for Love. This program allowed me and my fellow group members to embark on a challenge that would not only show our ability to cooperate with one another, but to also show our commitment to something that can go to a really good cause. These blankets were tied together to finalize the creation of the blanket and all of our group worked to complete it. I really enjoyed the task especially considering that it was for a good cause.

Service 1/21/2013

Upon entering Charter Oak High School, I was aware that most of my time would be spent in the library. This is an area at the school where I can find peace and time to do my homework. After school, I would go to the library in order to complete homework early and avoid doing work at home. It was here where I began to notice the jobs of the tutors. It seemed like an enjoyable job so I decided this year to take part in it. It was especially useful for me to be a tutor considering that I am currently taking the most rigorous classes in school as a junior. Just the idea of being able to help someone do their homework was my goal. One day, when entering the library after school, Ms. Hauser had informed me of the cancellation of the tutoring program. Through just a simple request, I was allowed to become a tutor after school all week, regardless of the program being canceled. She let me know that I could tutor as soon as I got out of school and into the library. During my time spent as a tutor, I was able to help students who needed assistance in their homework. The most common group of students who needed help were sophomores and even some fellow juniors who are taking the same classes as me. The tutoring job that I received also motivated me in some way. Since my best subjects are math and science, I noticed that my other subjects were lacking slightly. This made me see that I should make a stronger attempt at understanding the other subjects so that I can tutor with more confidence. Hopefully my job as tutor will reflect upon my grades at the semester mark this year.


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