Erin Houston

How am I growing in my own awareness of my strengths and weaknesses?

Travel Basketball

Last summer I participated on a travel basketball club called prodigy with my coach Monica Peters. I was placed into a completely new environment with teammates I’ve never played with before. I saw how shy and quiet I am initially which I qualify as a weakness. I then turned to letting how I play speak for itself. My strengths are always playing hard in any circumstance I’m placed in.

Rose Bowl Snack Bar

While working at the Rose bowl Football games, in the snack bar , I realized my strengths of handling intense, high pressures situations where my service is needed. My approach to customers was very respectful and attentive. My weaknesses include staying focused at on task at all times. I found myself getting side tracked at passerby’s and the football game.


Playing basketball for Charter Oak last summer has shown me many things about myself. To elaborate I have seen a lot of my main weaknesses of taking losses to heart, ruining my mood and the mood of others around me. I blame myself for different aspects that go wrong and take full responsibility for any problems that occur among my team. In the process I have been able to rise to the occasion and continue fighting to win with my team.

What challenges have I been through?


challenges that I have been through is during a NCAA tournament I injured my right knee. Knowing how much pain I was in I played the next game to get more exposure and help my team finish the tournament. My injury has affected my playing in my present play and I will continue to face this battle.

Working With New People

The challenges I faced during the work was working with different people that I did not know. The supervisor would often bark orders and I saw myself being resistant to her instructions because of my unfamiliarity to her. I need to realize that when I am an adult I will be placed in various circumstances where I will have to work with people that I may not like.


One challenge I have faced is connecting with my team to find a consistent rhythm. In the past I have asked to take full control in games causing a lack of trust between other players and myself. Slowly but surely with practice my team has grown together to find a groove.

In what ways have I started new challenges?

Playing with Injuries

I have started new challenges by continuing to play with my injuries. I know if I choose to play basketball in college, I will encounter mental and physical conflicts within myself.

In what ways have I developed new skills?

Basketball Club

Playing at the Prodigy Baseline Basketball Club I gained with a lot of responsibility moving to a starter and a captain. My couch placed many aspects in my hands to control and make the best choice for the betterment of our team. I am more assertive in my demeanor and keep certain aspects to a standard that I have set for myself.


I have developed my skills of multitasking. Especially at halftime when the lines would be packed to the extreme, I tried my hardest to get everyone served in a timely manner. Also when many people felt that the service was not fair I worked to accommodate the problems they had with maturity because it is hard to get adults to listen children in a business environment.


I have improved various aspects of my personal game as dribbling, shooting, and court vision. The most important thing I’ve developed is courage and determination to take on any competitor that I face.

In what ways have I shown perseverance and commitment to my activities?

Basketball Injury

I have shown perseverance and commitment by returning after my injury. I experienced internal conflict as I began to feel that basketball was not for me anymore and that my career was over because of the tedious process of getting healthy again. My love and commitment of the game of basketball kept me going and fighting through the pain to be successful.

Rose Bowl Snack Bar

Being that my involvement at the rose bowl was because of the basketball team I believe that I have shown commitment to my craft.


After tough losses and times I feel like quitting, I’ve told myself to keep going because basketball is my love and I will continue to push myself to be the best that I can be.

In what ways have I worked collaboratively?


I have worked collaboratively with a whole new set of girls that I have never played with. The girls and myself had to adjust to each others playing styles. My team and I united because we were so diverse and we began to find each others strengths and weaknesses. As we came together we found a rhythm and won tournaments as the Above the Rim Classic.


I have worked collaboratively by being a “runner” for my cashier station. My job was to obtain all the orders asked by cashier station involving massive communication and teamwork to provide for the customer. Also at the end of shifts we would have to take inventory and clean the snack bar.


Every practice and game, I work with my team on all aspects of the game. In order to get better we listen to each other’s comments and learn.

In what ways have I been engaged in issues with global importance?

What are the ethical or moral implications of what I’m doing and learning?

Travel Basketball

The moral implications of playing on the prodigy travel team was that the resilience and strength that I have. I have discovered that I am a lot stronger than I presumed myself to be and I realized that life will always show me obstacles and it is up to me to face them in the end.

Rose Bowl Snack Bar

The ethical implications of working at the Rose Bowl football games is preparing myself for getting a job when I get older. There are many components that are intertwined with providing a positive work environment as teamwork and communication. Also internally I must be dedicated and willing to work on a daily basis.

Action 8/19/2013

From my previous basketball season I’ve learned many things about how I respond to direction and how I use it to better my athletic abilities. Through working with my team I gained leadership skills and found how different personality traits can coexist and work together to meet a common goal.

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