Caitlin Carino

How am I growing in my own awareness of my strengths and weaknesses?

Cross Country

My involvement in cross country has made me aware of my strength in having a positive attitude and perservering through challenging courses. Although this is my first year doing cross country, I enjoy the challenge of running, and I keep an optimistic attitude during races and work outs. It encourages me to keep moving forward and pushing myself to do better.

What challenges have I been through?

Life Balance

Challenges that I have been through include the times when my energy is low and I am not doing my best. Also, it was difficult to balance being a full IB diploma candidate with practices and meets; however, I also found it to relieve my stress, so I was grateful to have a break to do something that I like to do.

In what ways have I started new challenges?

In what ways have I developed new skills?

Cross Country

Running cross country has definitely improved my endurance while running. Before, I ran on my own time, but it was never consistent and I was not disciplined enough. Now I am more confident and better at running long distances, while maintaining a positive mindset.

In what ways have I shown perseverance and commitment to my activities?

Cross Country

I admit that I did have conflicts with practices, such as summer school, which kept me from running for four days a week for three weeks. I also had an injury in my knee that kept me from running for about two weeks. However, I practiced earlier in the morning before going to summer school, and practiced when I could and did my best to keep my other activities from conflicting with practices and meets.

In what ways have I worked collaboratively?

Cross Country

I have worked collaboratively with my teammates by encouraging them and cheering for them during their races. It’s a very exciting atmosphere whenever we have meets, and I am thankful for the experience and the friends that I have made.

In what ways have I been engaged in issues with global importance?

What are the ethical or moral implications of what I’m doing and learning?

Creative 11/6/2013

These 30 hours account for my time spent for the DTASC (Drama Teacher’s Association of Southern California) competition with the Charter Oak Drama Department. I am not currently enrolled in the class, so when I received the call requesting that I perform with my friends in the AFI 100 Best Screenplays category, I was very honored and excited. It was difficult for my group to get started; the director had to change the script and we were under immense pressure because the competition was only two weeks away! We decided on a script cut from the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Between class and my practice with cross country, I spent my time rehearsing each weekday with my group. We found that our characters fit us nicely and ended up with a scene that we were proud of. Upon performing it in front of our peers, we received very positive feedback. Many found our performance compelling and “Intense!!!” according to one freshman. I was proud of our group for pulling it all together at such a late start. At competition, we made it to the finals round. Although I was ecstatic to hear the news, the thing I love most about this competition isn’t the awards at all–this competition always unites the drama department through our shared passion for performing. All the performances were very creative, moving, and entertaining. I am always in awe at what amazing performances can be staged from pure acting and a couple of chairs. (There are no costumes, props, or any other technical aspect allowed in this competition. All schools are judged solely by their acting.) At the awards ceremony, we won an honorable mention, which is top ten out of about 60 other scenes from other schools that competed against us. I was extremely proud and very happy to participate in what would be my last fall DTASC. This is definitely an experience to think back on with a smile.

Service 9/14/2013

This morning, I volunteered for Charter Oak’s book fair at Barnes & Noble. I and two other students ran a children’s game for the Environmental Systems class. Kids used magnetic fishing poles to fish for trash out of a “lake” to clean “Cody the crocodile’s” home (We borrowed one of the stuffed animals and placed it inside the water). Meanwhile, we told the kids about pollution problems in bodies of water, and how it affects the animals that live there. The children were a joy to watch, and parents appreciated the little educational lesson we gave them! One kid would get so excited after picking up each piece of trash; he didn’t want to leave! It’s a good feeling to teach younger kids about the world around them.

Service 8/18/2013

This summer I sold concessions at the Covina Center for the Performing Arts for the musical Into the Woods. A number of my friends were in that show, so it was great to see their talents in a wonderful production. I was especially inspired by one of my best friends Lacy, she played Cinderella and was absolutely stunning. This was her last show after about four years at the Covina theatre, and she is now majoring in theatre at CSU Chico. I am so proud of her and hope to pursue my own passions for theatre or media in college!


This summer I had the opportunity to be in a creative team as a props manager for a professional production of The Music Man in Monrovia, California. The musical is set in 1912, so nothing could look modern! Although this can be a difficulty, that’s what makes the job fun; I get to learn more about how life was in the old days and I am so fascinated by it! I loved getting creative to make things like fake ice cream cones, newspapers, pocket watches, and picnic baskets. I also spent time going to antique shops and thrift stores to look for fourth of july decorations, vintage suitcases, keys, and other objects on the list. I also had to get a lot of old instruments including a golden cornet and some trombones. I was lucky enough to just borrow them from two different music stores. After I got everything on the list, I organized them on the prop tables backstage to start working with the actors. It was a whole new experience! Everyone was incredibly talented and dedicated to the production, and so appreciative of all my work with props and helping with anything else the actors or technicians needed. I was complimented and thanked every day, and it made all my hard work worth the time. I became especially fond of a little girl named Amor; she was so sweet and just shone when she was singing and dancing onstage! It was like a family; everyone watched out for each other and was there for support when the road got stressful. There were times when rehearsal ran until midnight, or others got sick backstage, or someone was just having a bad day, but in the end the good times outshone the bad and it was all worth it. Despite the age differences between us all (five year-olds to teenagers to 30 year olds to 50 year olds!) we were able to come together for something we were passionate about and we worked hard to put on an incredible show. What I learned from this experience is that your passions will push you to greatness no matter where you come from or how old you are. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with such amazing and inspiring people.


Creative 5/12/2013

These 10 hours account for my work with decorating the H.K. Baird lobby for drama’s Shakespeare DTASC showcase. I wanted to have a Renaissance theme, so my crew and I made triangle flags out of colored paper bags and string. On one line of flags, we painted the names of all the seniors because for the majority of them, this would be their last time to act on stage. On the bulletin, I put the pictures of all the groups on paper that appeared old with brown watercolor and burnt edges. We also painted Shakespearean quotes on large butcher paper and posted them on the walls. The lobby ended up looking great and I didn’t have to spend a penny! It was the first time anyone took the initiative to decorate the lobby for showcase so I’m proud of my work!

Service 3/7/2013

In January I ushered and sold concessions at the Covina Center for the Performing Arts for the musical, Honky Tonk Angels.  I love to welcome people to the small but beautiful theater, and the three-woman show was fantastic; the actresses were very talented.  It is inspiring to watch people pursue their passions and communicate with audiences that love the performing arts.

Creative 3/7/2013

In February I was chosen to represent Charter Oak Drama at the annual English Speaking Union Shakespeare Competition.  Each competitor performs one Shakespearian monologue and sonnet.  I chose sonnet 15 and one of Kate’s monologues from Taming of the Shrew.  I practiced at home and met with my director Roger Graziani during lunch and Charger time.  Initially, the Shakespearian language appeared difficult, but once I understood what the words meant I realized that emotions and natural human instincts have remained the same after all these years, despite the evolution of the language since that time.  The competition was on February 23rd at Marlborough High School in Los Angeles.  It was great to see all the talent from different schools, and even though I was not selected to go to the finals round at Huntington Library, I was and still am so grateful for the experience and opportunity.


These 46 hours account for my extra technical work on Charter Oak’s spring musical, The King and I.  I was made props crewhead of this show at the beginning of January, and at first I was overwhelmed with how many items were on my crew’s list for us to get!  There were so many antiques and objects that would have to be made, but I was determined to find every one of them with the help of my props crew.  We looked at many antique shops and contacted other theaters that would possibly have what we were looking for.  Some of the harder objects we had to find included an 1860s map of the world, a large victorian trunk, a gong, and a palanquin.  Also, we made numerous things like old fashioned scrolls and letters, dog masks, face masks, and large snowflakes.  After many phone calls, antique and thrift shopping, and arts-and-crafts sessions, my crew and I had every prop on our list checked off!  They were ready to be organized and used by the actors on the nights of the show.  The process was a challenge but it’s interesting and fun to work the technical side of a production.  And I felt so proud to see the props being used–and the smile on one young actor’s face whenever I gave her her doll for scene three was too precious!  It’s a great feeling to know you’ve contributed to something spectacular.  I have learned to recognize and appreciate all aspects of theatre, onstage and behind the scenes.

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Service 1/15/2013

Before Thanksgiving I volunteered at Christ’s Church of the Valley.  I helped organize the food that would go to charity and carried them out to cars and trucks that would transport them.  It’s nice that so many people would give their time to work as a team to help others.

Creative 1/15/2013

On January 4th I ushered for the Elvis Tribute Concert at the Covina Center for the Performing Arts.  I used to be in shows there myself so it was nice to visit the theatre again.  The man singing was very talented, and the crowd enjoyed his performance very much.  What was truly touching was seeing an old couple sing “Can’t Help Falling in Love” to each other!  It’s great to see how music can stay popular and be entertaining to people of all ages.

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