Brice Sitz

How am I growing in my own awareness of my strengths and weaknesses?


During the 2013 AYSO soccer season I also helped work at the snack bar again. While working here I was able to see my strength of working together and communicating with other people while being able to help a rush of people ordering snacks and drinks from the snack bar. A weakness was being able to stay focus when someone I know came by and talked to me. I worked on my weakness by ignoring the people I knew that can by and waiting until there was a lull in customers or until I was done in the snack bar.


At the start of my Junior year I have been an American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) Intermediate referee for two years going onto my third year, the 2012 season. At the start of the season in September I knew it was time for me to start refereeing for higher level games. A weakness of mine was not keeping up with the laws of the game, so I started to improve on the memorization of the laws of the game. Also, I have a weakness of speaking up in public, being the center referee allowed me to improve on my communication skills in public. A strength I grew on was being able to control the events that would occur in the game and on the sideline. Another strength I saw was me being able to handle the high speed and intense decisions of higher level games by being a side line referee. This has built my confidence in allowing me to do higher level games as a center referee.

What challenges have I been through?


For the start of my senior year of football I worked hard with my team so that we could be league champions and possibly be CIF champions. We started our season 0-4, and we only had one more game until the start of league. For the final preseason game I was going to get my second start of the season. We as a team had to overcome the challenge of being 0-4 and just keep looking ahead if we wanted to reach the goals we made in summer. For that week we worked harder and stronger that the previous weeks so that we can finally win a game before entering league. With our hard work we were finally able to get our first win. Then we continued to overcome the challenge of being 1-4 entering league to becoming Sierra League Champions for the third straight year and being undefeated in league being 5-0. We entered CIF and overcame the challenge of the first round to advance to the second round. But the second round is when our football journey came to a close. At first I was sad that I played my final high school football game but I looked back at the challenges I was able to overcome with my team to reach our goal of being league champions. These were the challenges that have allowed me to grow as a person and to have a brighter look on the way my senior year of football came to an end.


In November of the 2012 AYSO Soccer season that is when I centered my first higher level game, an Under 14 Boys game. This game was the between the first and the second place teams and there was intensity in the air. Some challenges that I had to overcome were the actions on both of the sidelines by parents and a fight that occurred after the game by opposing team parents. I overcame the actions on the side lines by stopping the game and telling both the coaches that if the fighting and rude language did not stop from their sideline, that the coach will get kicked out of the game. I overcame the challenge of the fight by getting one of the trained AYSO Commissioners to stop the fight and get things cleared up. Even though these were very difficult challenges, they did not scare me or stop me from continuing to referee upper division games. I ended out the 2012 season by refereeing both upper and lower division games.

In what ways have I started new challenges?


For the 2013 AYSO soccer season, I refereed many soccer games but less than the previous season because of Saturday morning film for football. Some new challenges I brought to myself was helping other people learn to referee soccer games and correct people when they would make the wrong call. When I refereed with other people I would take notice of how they refereed and the mistakes they would make. Then either during half time or at the end of the game I would correct them politely on how to make the correct call or tell them the right technique on how to make a call. In order to tell another person on how to make the correct call and the right technique, I had to challenge myself by studying the laws of the game and watching soccer matches so I can become a better referee and teach others to be a referee. This is how I started challenging myself when refereeing.

In what ways have I developed new skills?

Volunteering at a Neighbor’s Church

I have developed my skills of multitasking and working hard while working at my neighbor’s church. At my neighbor’s church I helped him set up his hall for their plays and their banquets. I also helped his church with their yard work and setting up their garden. I developed my skills in multitasking by doing the multiple jobs it takes to set up a play and getting ready for their banquets. I also developed my skills of hard working by doing the manual work of building and planting the plants in the garden.

In what ways have I shown perseverance and commitment to my activities?


For the 2013 AYSO soccer season there were many times during the day when I made promises to help clean up the fields and put away the goal posts after the day’s soccer games were done. When the end of the day was approaching, my friends would normally call me to see if I could hang out with them and go somewhere. But I knew if I would leave then it would take longer for someone to clean up the field and put away the goal posts. I would always stay and help put away the goal posts and clean up the field.

In what ways have I worked collaboratively?


For the start of my senior year of track and field I have been working with the new kids on the throwing team. I have been throwing shot put and discus for Charter Oak for 3 years. This year I am only one of six returning seniors on a team of more underclassmen with little to no experience in both events. So I have had to collaborate with the other seniors on how we can train the new people and give them more practice. We had to come up with the basic training and practice for the beginners so that we can have a decent JV team for the school.


I help my freshman year Spanish teacher, Mrs. Rodriguez, move items from her old classroom to a new classroom that she was moving to. My brother, another kid and I helped Mrs. Rodriguez clean and setup her new room. We worked together to find a creative way to make her room be the right atmosphere of learning and fun for the future students to learn Spanish.

In what ways have I been engaged in issues with global importance?

Earth Club

Campus clean-up for Earth Club has engaged me with the global topic of pollution by littering. I have clean up Charter Oak campus many times to see it get dirty again. That is why I keep doing campus clean-up. Campus clean-up has shown me the ignorance of people on how they just litter when there is a trash can ten to fifteen feet away from them. Many parts of the environment are being affected by litter, the ocean and natural landscape. This has shown me that I still need to clean up after myself and others while still getting the word out about not littering.


During the 2012 AYSO Soccer season I helped setup and clean up the soccer fields. This connects to the global importance of picking up trash and recycling. In the morning when I would setup the fields, the fields would be clean without any trash. As the day went on you can see the trash build up. Throughout the day when I would have free time I would go do a small area and pick up the trash in that area. Also, I went through the trash cans for recyclable goods. At the end of the day I would start to clean up the field and pick up any remaining trash that I would see. This has showed me that I need to tell people about the dangers of littering and that I need to start picking up more after myself and other people when I see a chance.

What are the ethical or moral implications of what I’m doing and learning?


In the 2012 AYSO Soccer season when I was not refereeing a game or helping setup or clean up the fields I was volunteering in the snack bar. I normally spent two hours a week in the snack bar for the three month season. Some moral implications that I relearned at the snack bar was that it is wrong to steal money or items from the snack bar and that you cannot trust anyone alone with the money from the day’s earnings. These moral implications that I relearned are a part of my ethics because for one it is wrong to steal anything and for two karma will come back around and get me if I would steal anything. These moral and ethical implications are preparing me for when I get a job when I’m older so I do not do the wrong things that will get me fired.

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