Alexis Tejada

How am I growing in my own awareness of my strengths and weaknesses?

Engaging Others

As time goes by it is clear to see the weaknessess and the strengths that stand in my path, without a doubt I know that I am and will continue to be a better person as I encounter the struggles that come across. As each strength or weakness presents itself in any thing that I am doing I take it as a learning experience. Taking into consideration these attributes that I will continue to see throughout my life, it wil only allow me to become a person that will continue to wanting to do better and work on becoming what I purse to be. Which is what volunteering at the old folks home has taught me, the wonderful people their have shared their wisdom and the stories of their lives, and offering their input on the plans and goals in which I hope to achieve. Moreover, listening to what the many elderly people have to tell me and talk to me about has allowed me to reflect on the way i see my weaknesses and strengths as they have shared with me the way that they went through their own.

Management Skills

Throughout high school, I have seen a tremendous amount of growth not only in age but as a person. In my opinion I think that reflecting and noticing your own strengths and weaknesses is significant not only because its a benefit for you, but because it will allow you to grow even more. Working the Unity Fair this year not only needed allot of dedication of many people, but it also needed people who wanted to do it because they were proud of their culture. I know that it was not easy to commit and work the Fair, because at times I did not want to do it, much less help with any of it. Which is what made me realize that i lacked motivation, i know that being Vice President of Latino Unity, the Ubity Fair should have been the central goal this year but for me it was not. Thankfully i had friends and my fellow officers who demonstrated leadership skills throughout the entire outcome, which made me realize that preserving my culture and doing everything i could to show that off was an important aspect in my life. Being apart of Unity Fair has allowed me to stay on top of things and develop time management skills because as the planning and organizing of the event was under way, it needed choreography for the Latino dance, as well as planning what food to serve and who was going to serve it at the event. All of this allowed me to see that i did grow and that even though it was just one day out of the year, all the planning was well worth it.


What challenges have I been through?

Managing My Time

In all, volunteering at many places has posed difficulties in the way that i had to use my time wisely, by havung to plan out what i had to do as well as juggling with the homework that was given at that time. Looking back and reflecting on what i had to do and what i did do, i now know that it allowed me to become a better person by managing my time and preparing me to worl harder in order for things to go as planned. I think that making sure everything was done correctly in all of my volunteering work was the most significant. I know that through everything that i have done it has only made me a better person.


In what ways have I started new challenges?

Futuro Infantil Hispano

Everyday is a new challenge and a new struggle. But I believe that it comes with life. I know that for the children at the Foster care agency at Futuro Infantil Hispano it is never easy to share the experiences and the stories that they have gone through. But i have learned to understand and become openminded with the many diverse situations that these children go through. Many do not know there mothers, fathers, much less there extended family. All they know, rather think, is that there parents did not want them. I know that that isn’t always the case, but the children that I speak too only think this way. For me it is very difficult to take on a challenge such as this one, since i am a very sensitive person every time i go is a new challenge, because facing the children and there stories without being of any use, except talk to them and interact with them is hard. Which is why i have challeneged myself to become a person with integrity as i keep the stories to myself as well as challenging myself to set goals for my future that willl allow me to help children that are in similiar situations,


In what ways have I developed new skills?

Engaging Others

Being a timid person I have shown to grow into a person that can speak for herself and a person who is not afraid to ask questions. I know that being in Interact and being the Vice President of a Volunteering Club has allowed me to step out of my shell as we go to the retirement home, Regency Grand. Where we get the opprotunity to speak to the elderly folks that live there, having this opprotunity I got the chance to listen to what they had to say and ask questions that allowed me to gain wisdom from there experiences. Gaining this skill of not being afraid has taught me to notice the many different ways in which I can benefit from being a talkative person. I know that with this new skill that i hava gained has allowed me to increase many new opprotunities that i can be successful in, in the future.


In what ways have I shown perseverance and commitment to my activities?

Retirement Home

Everyday is a new story, nonetheless a new challenge, it is clear to see that as I get older I gain knowledge that allows me to challenge myself in being a better person than I was yesterday. In everything that I do I allow myself to engage in that activity and stay committed to whatever it is that I am doing. I have shown to persevere and commit to talking and engaging in conversations with the older folks at the retirement homes by being myself and giving my 100% attention to what they have to say, and to help them in what they need.

Latino Unity Vice President

Being the Latino Unity Vice President I have challenged myself to set up meetings and have a plan as I choose to bring about everything i do for the club. Knowing that I will benefit from it in the future. Being along side my good friend Barbara Martinez as President has not only challenged me but her aswell. Being an officer of a club that is not as popular as the other clubs, i have maintained my commitment in trying to continue what we started, from making flyers to bring awareness to our club and promote our culture, and having lunch meetings. Has taught me that it does not matter how many people are by your side, but all that matters is what you gain and how you grow as a person in the end. I now know that I can stick to whatever it is that i set my mind too regardless of the amount of participation.


In what ways have I worked collaboratively?

Working with Social Workers

Working alongside with social workers, my fellow officers, and friends has not only taught me that i am not alone, and that i can do anything one hundred times better with the support of many other people. Working together may it be from picking up trash after school around campus to listening to the wise stories of the elderly with the many wonderful people, has allowed me to collaborate with them and make friends at the same time. It has also taught me a valuable lesson, that sometimes its okay to do things with other people, having control is not always the best thing and that it is okay to work with other people. Even though there may be disagreements i know that, everything could be settled in a mature fashion. Working together has taught me so many things and has also made me the person who i am now.


In what ways have I been engaged in issues with global importance?

Earth Club

Working with Earth Club has taught me so much about the enviornment and the way that the Earth should be cared for. Not only that but being in Enviormental Systems and Societies as an IB course this year, has taught me so much about the impact that we as a society pose on the Earth, making me realize that even though i am just one person, collaborating with others who demonstrate the same interest in preserving our land has allowed me to address certain aspects which are of global significance. While helping Earth Club i got the chance to run games at Enviormental Family Night, where I informed children about the many different animals and the harm that they are facing. As well as working the E-Waste event has allowed me to see that recycling the hazardous wastes will not only better our land but as well as make us better people, since we are not only recycling for the benefit of us but to make our world a better place. Engaging in these issues of global importance at Charter Oak High School’s Earth Club has not only opened my eyes but the eyes of the other people who are engaging in the same events as I am, because together we can make the world a better place.


What are the ethical or moral implications of what I’m doing and learning?

Personal Growth

My goal is to give back and allow myself to grow as a person of character, deciding to do things out of the kindness of my heart is ultimately what I seek to do, moreover being with the old folks conversing, interacting and participating in creative ordeals has allowed me to do what I decide is right and what I feel is significant to my life as I give back.

Foster Family Agency

I believe that what i have done has not only allowed me to open my eyes, and become an open minded person, but it has taught me that many people are different which is a very important life lesson. Listening to the many stories of the children at the foster family agency, at first was something diffciult since i would jump to always thinking negatively of there situation, but as time went on i knew that something may be good for me but for other people it may be something bad. Wanting to give back is soemthing that i find morally correct which may not always be the case in other people. I enjoyed listening to the children but for others it seemed as a drag. Nonetheless all my experiences have taught me that everyone has a differnt view, not everyone is going to have the same opinion about something and that is okay. I learned so much about myself and about the people that i work with which has allowed me to build my character and reflect on the person that i want to bw.

Action 5/30/2013

Throughout the months of January – May i have volunteered 4 hours of my time every Sunday in order to help out Futuro Infantil Hispano in West Covina and Ontario. What i do there is interact with the Foster children and play with them as they are their waiting to be called up. As well as afterwards i help clean the offices and organize the shelves, clean the toys, and rearrange anything that is out of place. Even though it may seem as if it is not an exciting volunteer job, I really do enjoy it and I always go not only because my dad works there but also because I like to experience their jobs and what their profession is about. The experiences that I have gained through volunteering at Futuro Infantil Hispano are to be open to other peoples stories and to always be available to offer my help to anyone in need. As well as that everyone has their story and if they decide to tell me a part of it, it is my job to keep be a friend and listen, because if one thing that i learned which will be to my advantage in the future as well as now would be that listening is the key to success. I enjoy helping the children in need and helping to organize the toy room where they can be themselves and a place where we could all be kids and just play together from coloring a page in the coloring book to watching movies or playing duck duck goose it is an experience i would not trade for the world.

Action 5/30/2013

Working at Club Carnival and helping out FBLA make snow cones was tons of fun! I enjoyed making the ice, although it was difficult at times making the ice and collecting the money at the same time and we all ended up making a big mess it ended up being a good day helping out FBLA. And even though I would do it wrong and put a little bit of ice in the cup and had to re do it was an experience that i’m glad I took part in. I look forward to doing it again next year. It was fun and my favorite park was collecting the students money and enjoy their snow cone that i helped make.

Creative 5/30/2013

Going to Regency Grand in West Covina has made me realize how much wisdom a person carries as they get older, as i was able to bond with many wonderful old folks in the retirement home i was able to catch a glimpse of their life and how it must have been as they were growing up. It is amazing how much has changed over the years as they are astonished at our generation by the stories i share with them. We bond by creating arts and crafts, making hearts for Valentine’s Day and many cute things such as letters and decorative things that we would all make together. As well as turkeys and pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving. It was a great time spending time with older folks as we got to bond by making artistic decorations for their room. i can honestly say that i loved the experience.

Creative 10/24/2012

Today I went to Regency Grand Convalescent Home, since I was apart of Interact Club and I loved it! We interacted and talked to the old folks, as well as we did arts and crafts like we decorated a pumpkin and made Halloween bookmarks. I honestly really enjoyed it. I met a 90 year old lady named Phyllis today and she made me laugh so much i especially liked it when she gave me a compliment about my smile and dimples.She told me something that really stuck to me due to her story that she told me about her losing her daughter, she told me that sometimes you go threw things in life that seem unbearable and that it might seem that that is going to be the end of your world but it isn’t it only makes you stronger and that really think and is going to be with me my whole life. Also, I got to work with a lady named Louise and at first she didn’t know how to feel about a teenager like myself was going to be like while she was with me, however I made as much conversation as I could with her, she really didn’t seem interested and that made things awkward but in the end, everything turned out fine. In the end the supervisor came up to Steven, Lauren, and myself and told us that we did a good job, then he looked at me and told me that I had a tough lady that it was most of the times it was difficult to work with her and that i did a really good job of her making a connection and having her talk to me while doing are arts and crafts. I had a really good experience and I am definitely going back again.

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