Thomas Huynh

Service 11/25/2012

On November seventeenth and the twentieth of this year I had volunteered at a thanksgiving charity event at Isaiah’s Rock for a total of 7 hours. On the seventeenth District 35 East of Key Club held a district council meeting to volunteer at the charity event. We arrived at Isaiah’s rock and had sorted various types of food donations into categorized bins to prepare for the twentieth, where the large event would of food distribution would take place. On the twentieth I had took part in the Isaiah’s Rock event to take the categorized food donations and fill the bags that would be distributed. The event consisted of over 1000 people from all over Southern California. I learned from this event that there are still people who would give their time and devotion to those who are less fortunate.

Action 11/25/2012

Starting in the summer, before entering junior year, I had devoted my time teaching and assisting karate classes for my instructor who has done so much for his community and I. Since then I have taught classes for mini dragons(3-6 year old students), older students and adults three times a week for an average of three hours a day. The Mini Dragons would be taught discipline, respect, cooperation and how to have fun. Each class would start off with a fun drill to get warmed up, and then into some jumping jacks, and stretches. During the class we would learn the fundamentals of balance and coordination. Since the Mini Dragons are so young, my fellow instructors and I use creative techniques to disguise repetition and keep the students interested. At the end of the class, the students have a Mat Chat where we teach them about morals and good discipline. I learned that not only am I am teaching the students, they are teaching me to be quick on my feet when something does not go as planned. How I would teach the older students is that i would challenge their abilities and encourage them through positive reinforcement so they would grow as a martial artist, but more importantly as a moral person. Their classes would start off with a warm-up consisting of push-ups, squats, crunches, running and traditional stretching along with various extra stretches depending on what the class would be working on that day. These students would be driven to achieve their goal of becoming a trained martial artist. The adults would be taught a lot more differently than all of the other students since they feel more socially aware of their movements. It gets somewhat difficult to teach them since they have created habits for themselves longer than the younger students. What I learn from teaching the adult students is that there is no singular way of teaching and learning any type of skill.

Creative 11/25/2012

“From October 24 to the 28, I had volunteered my time at a haunted house at the martial arts studio I teach at. On October 24, I had helped out for 2 hours by having a small haunted house acting class to set the rules for the haunted house and demonstrate the most effective ways on how to scare the people who walk through. On the 25th, we had gone through a dress rehearsal and positioned people in their designated areas. The dress rehearsal went pretty well in spite of the fact some people were absent. Then from the 26th to the 28th for a minimum of 5 hours a day i had participated in the haunted house by leading the “”monsters”” and guiding the people through the haunted house. In conclusion, what I learned from this event was that if a group of people work in cooperation, anything can be accomplished.

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