Steven Borboa

Action 6/17/2013

the two weeks after school ended I volunteered at Monte Vista Head start and I helped the teachers serve the food and helped decorate the class room. one day I had to decorate the classroom for the graduation ceremony. I felt more like an assistant because I had to clean and pick up after the children and clean up their mess but them children are very entertaining.

Creativity 6/17/2013

I have been volunteering at the retirement home through out the school year mainly before a holiday. we create different items with the elderly and it is very fun because they tell us about their life and things they had to go through and it is a good place for them to talk. one lady was telling Alexis and I about her husband she found during WWII and he brought her back to the United States and said she was the best souvenir he ever found.

Service 10/13/2012

I have been volunteering at the Glendora Library since the beginning of September. I help shelf books by genre and number. It is a great to spend some of my time. It gets quite boring though because you cannot talk to anyone and it seems as if the time drags. the positive is that it teaches me to be more organized.

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