Samantha Rodriguez

Service 2/2/2014

Last night marked the second annual Talent Show at my church. Last year I participated as a singer and worked as a waitress as well. This year I was not able to participate as an act, but I still wanted to helped serve the dinner. The way we served dinner last night was a lot more efficient than last year. We had two stations on both sides of the church with heated pots so the audience could come up and go down the line as we served them. All that we had to make sure of at a constant rate was that drinks did not run out. Last year it was a bit hectic because we served food as if it were a restaurant. The reason why we hold the Talent Show is to fundraise for a church camp called Forest Home. I have loved attending Forest Home because my faith growths stronger with God each year. It helps to rekindle my relationship with him. This time I will not be going because it is the same weekend of my cousin’s graduation in Texas. Even though I am not going I still have the heart to help out my friends from the church.

Service 2/1/2014

Working with first graders is difficult. When trying to teach them a lesson their attention span is short. This time my step-sister was asked to teach the children. It was her first time so she asked if I could tag along to help her. I have had experience teaching children because I volunteered to be a leader for VBS (Vacation Bible School). While she was teaching, the children would talk and play with each other or not raise their hand when supposed to. I would step in and help calm the children down or remind them of the rules. When it came time to read the bible some did not know how to read, they especially could not read the type of bible that was handed to them. I guided them with my finger and tried making the story as enthusiastic as I could while my step-sister read. Working with these children can be exhausting because you have to be attentive and energetic almost every minute. In the end I do not mind working for them because I feel good knowing I helped the smaller generation.

Service 2/1/2014

I helped with the nursery room at my church for the first time. I usually help with first graders, but this time no one was able to help so I decided to step in. I thought it was going to be a little hectic taking care of the babies, but it turned out to only have four babies in the room. It was simple because all I had to do was make sure they picked up their toys, since two of them are old enough, give them their snacks, and make sure they didn’t get hurt. I also fed one of the newborns. There was some down-time and was able to get my homework done as well. I liked this experience because it was calm and simple. I definitely will do it again.


VBS finally came and it was a week long event from July 22nd to July 26th 2013. I love to sing and it has been my passion since I can remember. Ever since the church talent show I was discovered and I now share my passion with my church friends. Ever since then I joined the worship team. Now that VBS came along I helped with the Worship room. I was not sure what I was going to do until a few days before VBS started so I had to learn a weeks worth of songs in only a few days. I was determined to make sure I memorized these songs, and I did. I also had to do a small skit every morning in the opening assembly. I was kind of thrown into doing this job, but I made sure it happened for the kids. The first day went very well and the skit was a success. Although it was a blast it was a rush of energy and became exhausting towards the end of the day. It did not matter how tired I was at the end of the day because I was having a great time doing work for the Lord and shining my light on the children. Seeing how excited each and every one of them were to be able to participate in the activities was rewarding. I have been doing VBS since the eighth grade and I have the time of my life every year. I am hoping this is not my last time since I will be going to college soon. I pray that God has at least one more year planned for me.

Service 8/12/2013

On July 21st, 2013 I helped put together boxes for the Nicaragua trip coming up for our church. The boxes are filled up with school supplies that the people help provide to give to the children in Nicaragua. By bringing my service I am able to raise awareness of how poor families in Nicaragua are not able to send their children to school all because they cannot provide school supplies. I also help raise money for myself to be able to go on the trip in November. This trip will help me experience what the poor families have to deal with. I will also get to experience making children happy and grateful for receiving such a small and simple gift that means the world to them.


On July 18th 2013 I tagged along with my friend Letty who is the children’s minister and went shopping for VBS(Vacation Bible School). We first went to the church office and she made a list of groceries and supplies we needed for the week long event. While I was waiting I helped glue some crafts together for the craft room. We then drove to Costco. There I helped gather most of the things we needed and also gave ideas of snacks we could put together for the children. Once we finished shopping we went back to the church and I helped carry the load of groceries to the kitchen. I organized and labeled the supplies and groceries so that no one would touch our supplies for VBS.

Service 7/20/2013

On June 29 I helped with the Compassion Ministry after church. The Compassion Ministry helps give out to those who do not have enough to keep food on the table and to the dirt poor. The ministry has a list of people who are signed up. Once they come in we talk to them and pray for them. I volunteered along with a husband and wife. Myself and the woman worked with the paperwork while the husband collected the food to give to each person. I volunteer a lot at my church by singing on the worship team, raising money for the youth for trips, sing and waitress the talent shows, and more. This was a different experience for me because it was more intimate. My eyes were opened to understand many different types of lives and how good I have it. I love volunteering at my church because it keeps me humble and in a busy lifestyle one can loose connection to what really matters.


On June 28th my friend invited me to a 5k run called The Color Run in Pomona. I was not going to participate in the run because it cost 50 dollars to join so we were just going to throw paint at the runners. I saw this as a great opportunity to volunteer as well. We went to the volunteer booth and we thought our job was going to be easy by just throwing paint, but the woman in charge surprised us and said we had the best job out of everyone and it was going to be a little hard to handle. She was right. We had the opportunity to work the stage. Once the runners had completed the race they were to enter the grass area where there were booths and food. The stage was the main event where we were able to throw paint packets at the crowd and create what was called a color throw. Once most of the crowd had a paint packet we counted down and everyone simultaneously threw up the paint and created a rainbow of colors. That was the fun part, but our main job was to stand at each side of the stage and make sure that no one tried to enter except for those who were asked to join the stage. We basically managed the crowd. It was a blast. We were able to meet Nick Cannon, a famous celebrity, and see many amazing acts. In the end we helped clean up trash and encouraged the crowd to help as well by handing out prizes. I also went home an art piece, but I DID NOT MIND! I learned how to manage a crowd by encouraging them to have fun in a healthy and family-friendly environment.

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