Robert Parsons

Service 1/29/2014

Last year, I was elected to be the secretary of Charter Oak Key Club for the 2013-2014 school year. Going into this new position, I had absolutely no idea how much work there was! So far, I have had a tremendous amount of fun with fulfilling my Key Club leadership position. The very reason why Key Club was established in high schools throughout the nation was to give the opportunity to high school students to volunteer and serve their community. In my freshman and sophomore years, I did not really understand the value that Key Club had to offer, since I only attended a few volunteering events. However, in my senior year, I realized the profound effect that volunteering, especially through Key Club, can have on a person. One of the most memorable moments that I experience while working at a Key Club event (specifically the Isaiah’s Rock Thanksgiving Distribution) was when I was helping this needy, elderly lady to her car with a basket full of groceries. When I was loading the grocers into her car, she began to tell me about her son who had lost his limbs because of a car accident and that it was her primary focus to take care of him and feed him, like any mother would. This touched me deeply because it reminded me of my mother and that this lady would do anything, even standing in line to get free groceries for Thanksgiving, to take care of her son. This moment honestly taught me to value everything that I have, whether good or bad, and that there are still good people left in this world. Although this was just one instance where I learned the true value of volunteering and helping others, there have been many more moments at Key Club volunteering events that I have experienced, like passing out clothes to the homeless and helping decorate the Rose Parade floats. I ultimately have Key Club to thank for giving me the opportunities to volunteer and to learn about other people, because that is what is most important to me, helping people who need it the most, which is a core value of Key Club. Also, along with learning that helping people in need provides great emotional experiences, holding the secretary position of Charter Oak Key Club has helped me learn valuable leadership skills. Every week, I spend hours making sure that all of our documentation is in order, I attend as many service events as I can to ensure that I get the names of our members so that they can earn their Key Club hours, and I keep track of our 100+ member’s hours so that they can earn recognition at the end of the year. So, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went and go into the inner-functionings of Key Club and I have had such an incredible time working with the Charter Oak Key Club officer board in making our community a better place because of volunteering!

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