Patricia Olivas

Service 2/11/2014

This is my second year teaching in the Confirmation program at my parish, St. Louise de Marillac Catholic Church in Covina. As a student teacher, it is my job to aid in teaching the youth of our parish about our Catholic faith and to serve as a role model for them. I enjoy being a part of our Confirmation program because I am able to meet and connect with so many different people and even though I am a teacher, I am constantly learning more alongside with them. Each Confirmation candidate is required to complete 6 service opportunities before they may actually be confirmed and many participate in the 30 Hour Famine. This January was my second famine and my students, fellow teachers, and I starved to help raise awareness and donations for people who do not have food and live in poverty. It was also my first time being a small group leader at an event as big as this one. Through this event, I learned how to interact better with people because many of us were grumpy and fatigued due to lack of nourishment. Many of the kids just needed their leader to stay optimistic and encouraging and this event also led us closer to God through our sacrifice.

Action 2/11/2014

This past October, the Bio Club established and implemented a school wide recycling program on campus. Each day, members empty out the collection bins outdoors and every Friday empty the bins that are placed in classrooms. As President, I help empty bins every day after school unless I have an away game for Charter Oak’s soccer team. I am very proud of the recycling program and over 100lbs of plastic and 20lbs of aluminum have been collected. The money generated from the recyclables is donated to our school’s science department. By participating in this event, I have learned more about responsibility. I am in charge of making sure bins are emptied, bags are changed if needed, and making sure that the gate to the boneyard is locked after all the recyclables have been placed in a dumpster to be picked up by our partners, the San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps. I have also learned that Charter Oak generates a lot of trash but many students and teachers are helping to clean up our environment and make a positive, yet minor, impact on our world. This makes me extremely happy that our community is working together to help save our planet.

Service 4/25/2013

Every Sunday I help to teach Confirmation at my church.  I teach alongside two other adults that are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about our Catholic faith.  We have 23 freshman students in our class.  We do a variety of activities together that range from games to quiet reading and we talk about our faith.  I have learned a lot in this experience, especially about my faith.  I also learned that just by helping others is a very rewarding experience.  My favorite part is when I can look around at all the kids and see their excitement about God and the lasting friendships they are forming with each other.

Action 2/4/2013

This year is my third year playing varsity soccer for Charter Oak High School.  It is always fun to be able to go out and show school spirit all while playing a sport I love.  I also love all the friends I have made.  Although all of my teammates do get annoyed of each other every now and then, we will always have each others back.  I have made some amazing friends, and I am sad that the season is soon coming to a close and I will miss all the seniors on the team.  The soccer field is literally our second home.  I am also responsible for the team medical kit.  I bring it to every game and practice as well as make sure it is fully equiped with the proper medical supplies and that all supplies are not expired.  I also take care of all minor first aid injuries.  I make sure that all open wounds are properly disinfected and protected.  My teammates call me “Nurse Trish”.  Playing on the Varsity Soccer team has taught me many things.  Nothing comes easy; you will only get out what you put in.  My teammates and I have put many hours training and working hard with dedication and determination since day one.  I have also become much more knowledgeable about injuries and how they should be properly treated from my position as “nurse”.  In addition, I have also learned that friendship is a great thing that should always be cherished.  I am grateful to be able to call these girls my second family.

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