Mikaila Nicholas

Creative 12/30/2013

I have been volunteering at an after school program and with the elderly. In the morning I will assist with bingo and crafts which the elderly ladies that come in. We’ve made earrings and candles, for Christmas sleds made out of candy, and many more activities. They are some of the nicest people and do not have a lot but they like to give what they can. They will bring in fruits for the other women there. It just shows me that people still give even when they have little to no money. They do not need money to make them happy. In the afternoon I play games with the kids and do other activities. I have also helped make posters and flyers for events for the organization for when they are giving out school supplies or other events. There are a lot of kids in the complex and hey need a way to stay out of trouble. By having them at the after school programs they are able to make crafts and play games. They can stay out of trouble and have clean fun this way. Many times these kids will come in younger than 13 and curse. They have the choice to either quit cursing or get out. It just surprised me how it was just a part of their vocabulary and they did not even think it was bad. By volunteering I want to be. Positive influence and guide them on the right path. It has taught me to show responsibility and watch my actions because they influence these kids. It has also humbled me seeing these kids who are less fortunate than myself and watching them grow up without things I had as a kid that I now realize were luxuries. I’m there to be a role model and help them to make the right decisions.

Action 12/9/2013

I would help out a nine year old and seven year old in math. We would go through flash cards and I would make worksheets for them to work on. I would help them through the worksheets if they had any questions and taught them different techniques that I learned when I was in school. We went over multiplication and fractions. It taught me responsibility because I had to keep focused just as much as they did. I could not be on my phone or watching tv because they would not take their sessions with me seriously. I needed to be strict because if I was not they would take advantage of their time with me and want to play games instead of learn. I had to set an example by taking their work seriously so that they would too. It also helped when I encouraged them to try again when they did a problem wrong and praise them when they got an answer correct. I learned that attitude can really change an outlook on a situation and by being positive others will use you as an example of what to do.

Action 12/9/2013

Over the summer I helped out at my church by filing for the head director and later in the day I helped cater a going away party for a priest. I dressed in black and white and had to carry trays of food and ask people if they would life what we had to offer. There were at least three hundred people that attended and I had to keep going back and forth to replenish my tray for the incoming people. Although it was tiring and my arms were hurting from holding trays of food for hours I enjoyed the experience. I gained confidence and communication skills because I interacted with people even though I was a little nervous at first. It was a great experience to be able to give back to my church and make new friends along the way.

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