Jena-Misty Jucal

Service 11/20/2013

Being able to tutor the Elementary Students from Badillo Elementary gave me great joy. I had gone to Elementary from Kindergarten to third grade. Being able to return from where I had begun my educational journey and give back to the students was amazing. The students ranged from third graders and sixth graders. The ability to help a student work out a math problem they greatly struggled with was thrilling. Although there may be moments in High School were I became frustrated and overwhelmed by the difficulty of the problem, being able to see the determination of these students to learn and work out the problem with my help motivated me not to give up on my own frustrations. Each of the students had their own unique personalities. In the beginning, the students had been shy to ask for help and I would have to go around and ask them individually if they needed help. As the amount of times I would volunteer increased the students became more and more comfortable with me. Soon they would ask for help and converse with me with ease. See the future alumni of Badillo and being able to help them on their own educational journey was an amazing experience.

Action 10/20/2013

During the 35 minutes we have for lunch, the Bio Club had decided to use this amount of time to begin our recycling program. Earlier in the week the G.R.E.A.T team had given us 20 bins of our own in order to implement our recycling program. Although we had been very grateful for the 20 bins the organization had given us, the bins had not been in the best of shape. During lunch a couple of the members of the Bio Club, under the supervision of Mrs. Grund had gotten together in order to clean up the bins to make the appear more presentable. Our goal is to make this recycling program as easy as possible for the rest of the teachers who have allowed for us to place of the bins within their room in order collect recyclables. If the bins were to remain sticky and smelly, teachers would not want them in their rooms, which would lead to none of the recyclables to be collected. By sacrificing a moment of our time to make the bins look presentable, we are essentially making it easier for recyclables to be collected which essentially leads to us decreasing our carbon foot print on Earth.

Creative 10/20/2013

I was given the opportunity to not only assist one of my teachers, but also contribute to one of the aspects which had made such a large impression on me my freshman year. Mrs. Archer had asked her senior class to assist her on setting up for stimulation she had prepared for her honors world class. Luckily for me, the stimulation we had an opportunity to help prepare for had been the French Revolution stimulation. Even after three years and now being a senior I still remember the day in my freshman honors world class when we did our own French Revolution stimulation. The stimulation had greatly broadened my understanding on the French Revolution. Back then I had thought that the stimulation would have only helped me pass my test on the French Revolution that year, little did I know that, that stimulation would forever be etched into my brain and help me in my future history classes. If it had not been for that stimulation I can honestly say that I would not have been as confident walking into my first AP test for APEURO. Our FRQ that year had been on the French Revolution, I believe, and without my extensive understanding of the French Revolution I do not think I would have been able to pass that test. Being able to help Mrs. Archer set up the stimulation for the freshman and sophomores this year brings me joy to know that I am contributing to further knowledge of the French Revolution for my younger peers. To have hope that an underclassmen would be as touched by this stimulation as I had been is more than enough gratification to help Mrs. Archer, as well as knowing I was able to assist a teacher in need of assistance.

Action 3/21/2013

I volunteered for our Charter Oak High School track meet once again. This had been my second time volunteering for the track team. I had been honored to be asked back by Mrs. Archer to assist the hurdle team once again. Since this had been my second time volunteering for the hurdle team I had been aware of what needed to be done which helped things run a lot smooth. I was considered a “veteran” and I was able to help out the people who it had been their first time volunteering. The first event we had all attempted to do the hurdles by ourselves and had not been very organized; however, by the second event we had worked as a well oiled machine. The work load had been much easier by communicating with each other and keeping each other informed of what had been going on, especially once Mr. McCabe needed to leave and left us in charge of the hurdles. We normally set up 5 lanes, however the announcer informed us a 6th lane needed to be set up and we worked together as a team to ensure each of the sets around the track had 6 through teamwork and communication

Action 3/21/2013

I recently volunteered my time to the track team of Charter Oak High School. I had been recruited by Mrs. Archer to assist with the track team’s hurdles. I had been instructed by Mr. McCabe of the locations in which the hurdles needed to be in place and the height per event. For the first hurdle event the girls’ event required a lower setting than the boys. For each of the separate events the hurdles needed to be in different locations. It had been really fun to along side of the rest of the track team cheering on their fellow team mates. In the beginning we had not been entirely clear on what exactly we needed to do, but once Mr. McCabe instructed us we were able to set up the hurdles correctly. If one hurdle had not been in the correct place the entire event had then been effected. One simple object effected the entire meet. Our job to set up the hurdles and take them down had been seen as important. It had been great to help out fellow chargers in ensuring a sport event had run smoothly and took some of the stress off of the coaches by making sure the hurdles had been in the correct places.

Creative 11/8/2012

Volunteering at the Regency Retirement Home has created several memories for myself. This week in particular we assisted the residents in creating Thanksgiving wreaths and turkeys. I was fortunate enough to befriend a woman named Lily. The Thanksgiving wreath we were instructed to create had an assortment of leaves. On each of the leaves I assisted Lily in writing a list of things she had been thankful for. Lily shared several stories with me about each of the family members she had been thankful for and had me write down on a life. After finishing the wreath, I then helped her in creating the Thanksgiving turkey. She wanted to do the turkey herself so I only helped by removing the paper on the sticky side of each of the foam parts. After finishing the turkey I went around collecting trash at each of the tables.

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