Isabel Bautista

Creative 1/31/2014

On December 21st and September 28th, we helped in preparing the materials for the float, such as grinding seeds and cutting petals. On December 26th, I volunteered at the making of the floats for the Rose Parade. It was my first time volunteering and it made my experience very exciting. We had to very carefully put on seeds and petals on the areas of the float. Although it requires a lot of work, it was very satisfying to see the result of the section my friends and I were working on. At some point, I had to climb on the planks to be able to reach some areas and put seeds on. Balancing is one area where I am not confident of. However, with my mind set of finishing the job diligently, I was able to work with it. Also while working, I was able to work on my patience. Most of the time, my friends and I were working on the bottom section of the float. What basically happens is that the group that works above us tends to rain seeds on us. It was little bit uncomfortable at first, but I was able to work on my temper and understand the group’s situation since they were working on a higher section, which is really on an uncomfortable position. Nonetheless, it was really a great and refreshing experience.

On September 14, 2013 as a member of Charter Oak Earth Club, I volunteered for the book fair at Barnes & Noble. We held a little section for face painting for the little kids. It was such a fun day of entertaining the kids while painting their faces with their favorite carton or drawings. I tried my best on each face paint I make since I was worried I might disappoint the kids, but when the kids say they like it, all the worries were gone and brings contentment.

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