Casey Wagner

Service 1/23/2014

I spent 9 hours volunteering in the Wacky Wire booth at the St. Louis Carnival. I also spent about 6 hours baking cakes to donate to the St. Louise Carnival Cake Walk Booth. I have helped at the St. Louise carnival since I was a little kid, usually with my grandma although this year the whole family helped in the both from 2 o’clock in the afternoon to 11 o’clock at night. The Wacky Wire is a game where you take the stick with a circle in the middle that is attached to a spinning metal wire that swirls up in a counterclockwise rotation. You navigate the circle around the wire all the way to the bottom without touching although if you touch the wire on the way down, a buzzer will sound. This game was quite hard for me and I was not sure how to get people to play. I learned that now everything is about the carnival, although it is about getting to know knew people that have come to the carnival to have fun. I learned that patience is key and that you must sell a game as people want to play a game that they think they can beat. The cakes were also fun to make and decorate as I love to bake. I love to see the smile that people usually have as I spent a lot of time baking. I learned that sometimes just making someone smile can turn my whole day around.


Service 1/15/2014

I spent two hours at the retirement home on October 23, 2013 with the Interact Club. It was my first time helping at a retirement home and I was not sure what to expect. I ended up having a lot of fun with my friends as we did a Halloween craft with the elderly residents. I learned how to come out of my comfort zone and talk to the people I didn’t know and I found the conversations quite interesting. I have realized that I enjoyed listening to the stories that they wanted to share.

Service 1/15/2014

Over the last two weeks of summer I spent 25 hours, I helped my dad at his work. He works at St. Francis of Rome K-8 Catholic School. While I was there, I helped with many different tasks that he did not have the extra time to complete. These tasks included cleaning up around the school, moving things into the various classrooms, organizing his office along with the classrooms, trimming back the plants that were not well maintained and various other things for him. I learned better time management as I did the various tasks to the best of my ability. I also learned people skills as I met a bunch of new people for the first time along with seeing some familiar faces. I learned that there is never enough time in the day to do everything and I needed to prioritize my schedule. I love spending time with my family therefore, it was really fun to help my dad out.

Service 1/15/2014

During a high school volleyball game, people watch the lines to see whether the ball goes in or out and help the referee judge the game. Although I have done this in the past, I wanted to learn something new this year. Therefore, I took on the task of keeping track of book for the frosh/soph games at Charter Oak High School along with taking stats for some of the jv games adding up to 16 hours. Book includes keeping track of the score, substitutions for the players on the court, the number of substitutions each team has, whether the team is rotating correctly or not, the timeouts that each team takes, and a few other things on one piece of paper. At first I wasn’t sure what I had gotten myself into although as time continued, I was able to do it without any help and with fewer and fewer mistakes. I learned how intricate the game is both on and off the court as I had not realized that just one person was in charge of keeping track of all of this. I also learned that one must pay close attention to all the calls that the referee makes in order to keep track of everything that is happening in the game. Additionally, I want to learn this sport from every angle. As I watch more and more volleyball, I have been able to learn the do’s and don’ts of the sport to a finer detail than that I would have had been able to just playing the sport. Learning all the rules of the game became quite simple when I was little as I would sit down and watch volleyball on the TV. Therefore, I was able to tackle a task that once seemed unreasonable and unreachable to me.

Service 1/15/2014

I spent 15 hours as an assistant coach for the annual Grace Church volleyball camp. I really enjoy watching the little kids improve as the camp continues whether they are new to the sport or not. I have come to realize that I would like to continue my volleyball experiences whether it be from coaching or learning myself as every second I am on the court I learn something new. As I have played and gone into minimal coaching experience, I have found that this is where I found my love for the sport. I am so grateful to have found this sport and have been able to play it ever since. I have learned more than anyone can know from my coaches and I am overjoyed to know that I am able to do the same for a little kid that dreams as I do. I have been able to personally learn new techniques that help me explain things to kids as they are at different stages in the learning process. My patience in teaching has grown immensely since I first started helping at the camp. Additionally I have learned to keep trying to teach the kids new things even if they do not understand it the first time. I have learned that the key to being a good volleyball player is practice and muscle memory; therefore, bestowing the basics upon these youngsters allows them to expand their knowledge of the sport. Lastly, I have learned that I need individualized approach to help each “student” as each kid learns at a different rate and are starting at different levels. Volleyball has come to mean the world to me and I hope that I was able to help another kid keep their dreams alive.

Service 5/31/2013

I helped out at club volleyball games for B3st volleyball club by doing lines on various Saturdays and Sundays since January. Doing lines is refereeing as you watch to see where the ball lands and if it came into contact with anything. I would ref once or twice per day with each game lasting an hour or more. Additionally, it is actually really fun to be near the court; I felt like I really helped out the people as I paid attention to the ball so that I did not mess up the game in any way. Although I felt tired at some points, I did everything I could to pay attention to the best of my ability. I have a new respect for the referees at major volleyball games because the job is sometimes interesting and sometimes boring depending on the game but it is rewarding when you know that you did the best that you could to help keep the game fair and free from controversy. The only issue that arose was when parents or teams did not agree with the call that I made although this only happened once or twice. I find this job just as important to being out on the court because you have the say in who gets the point and eventually who wins the game. Lastly, I had fun following the games to see who won and I also enjoyed meeting new people from all over the world.

Service 5/2/2013

I went door to door with my dad, placing papers on doors or handing them to people in support of Brian Sherman. We spent a Saturday doing so from about 7am to about 5pm. I found it interesting to learn about neighborhoods that I had never heard of yet alone seen. I am a horrible navigator and found it easier to have my dad drive while I ran up to the doors as the neighborhoods were spread out. The neighborhoods were within a certain distance from the meeting point that was at a nearby park so, me and my dad decided to make the job easier by using car. We were given a stack of papers to deliver and we eventually distributed three stacks. I learned how to navigate a little better although I am sure that I could still get lost in a box. I also learned that many people can be accepting when you are leaving things on their doors although some people do not want anything to do with you. Lastly, I learned that it is very tiring to run from door to door delivering things all day while also learning to talk to people who are interested in starting up a conversation.


During the first semester, I volunteered to help in the USC snack bar to help raise money for our volleyball team.  We were there from about 7:30 in the morning to about 5 in the evening.  It was really fun as we sold food, interacted with different people, excited people with our tip cheer and bonded with the friends we were working along with making new friends along the way.  I learned how to work as a team while dealing with different people.  I also learned that people can be difficult at times though because you want to sell them something you have to be nice.  Lastly, I learned that there is never down time in a snack bar because when the lines are gone you reload or get ready for the next rush hour.  I also did either lines or score at almost every game for JV during the season. I learned how to keep track of the score in the book and how to do lines.  I always do my best when I keep track of the score because I would not want someone to mess up the score for my game.  Lastly, I learned to be patient as I waited for each play to be made and waited for each game to begin.  I almost always find watching a volleyball game intriguing though sometimes games can be slow.  When working a game, it helps to have a game that is interesting though if the game is slow or boring you still have to pay attention.

Service 1/6/2013

During the summer, I was assistant coach with the volleyball camp at Grace Church, located in Glendora for the second year now.  This camp helps to teach kids the basics behind volleyball and help those who know the basics improve.  The camp contained many kids that were just beginning though there were a few that were more advanced.  The second camp was cancelled because it was too expensive but, the head coach at the camp set up times to meet at Gladstone Park.  This was mainly for the older kids who were unable to be involved in the second camp that usually occurs.  These girls were more advanced and were trying to gain enough experience to make it onto their middle school teams.  I liked to coach the younger kids because they remind me of when I first chose to try and play volleyball.  I was very inexperienced though I have definitely improved over the years.  I like to also help the older kids because they mainly just need pointers to help them out and less explanation is needed when doing so.  I feel that I learned to be more patient as I tried to coach each individual.  Each person had a different personality and style of learning. I did my best to help each individual learn as much as they could.  This experience allowed me to see how coaching or teaching can go from easy to hard throughout the different techniques and skills that are needed with different drills or exercises.  I learned that it becomes easier to coach these kids as time progresses and the program continues.  I helped hoping these players would improve their skills as I had over the years and to see how each player would improve in the course of just weeks.  I am glad that I went back to help out and hope that the program continues throughout the years.


Service 5/31/2012

I volunteered at the annual St. Louise Pancake Breakfast.  I was there from 6:30 to about 3:30.  My task was to be a waitress.  I learned how to be a waitress considering I’ve never done anything like it before.  It was hard work waiting these people and making sure they had everything they needed and that they were satisfied with what they got.  I worked with my friend to serve people and I think we did a pretty good job considering that there weren’t many complaints.  It taught me the importance of organization and focus as I continued to see new people. It wasn’t very difficult because I only was waiting one table and there were two of us doing that.  I met many knew people that go to my church and am glad I could help out.

Service 5/31/2012

Recently, I’ve been helping out at the Cedargrove Daycare for a few hours each Fridays for about the last month.  I helped out with shredding papers, cleaning up after the kids, watching the kids, and much more.  At first I was just doing it for the service hours though as time went I got to know some of the kids better and made some new friends.  While doing this, I learned that I need patients when it comes to dealing with little kids and that a daycare room can become quite loud in a short amount of time.  I thought this was a great opporunity because I already knew most of the teachers from when I was there and I got to know a few knew ones as time went on.  I helped out with all that I could and I am happy knowing that I could make a difference.

Service:  2011

During the summer, I was assistant coach with both of the volleyball camps at Grace Church, located in Glendora.  The first camp occured on the Friday nights of June 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th.  On these dates, I would arrive at 6:00pm and leave at 8:30pm.  This camp was for children between the ages of nine and eleven.  I felt that most of these players were inexperienced, but were open to learning about the sport.  By the end of the camp, the players had advanced in their knowledge of how to play volleyball and were proud of their achievements.  The second camp occured on the Friday nights of July 11th, 18th, 25th and August 1st, 8th and 15th.  On these dates, I would arrive at 6:00pm and leave at 9:00pm.  This camp was for older children between the ages of eleven and fourteen.  I felt that the players at this camp were more knowledgeable and advanced.  Many of them were preparing to try out for the middle school team and were looking for some guidance to further their ability.  I remember being in this camp that helped me improve over the years starting when I was only nine myself.   I got to know Coach Robert due to my atendance in this camp over the years.  Because of my skill, my willingness to help others, and my enjoyment of the sport, he asked me to come back to help him out. I was glad I stuck with this sport.  I helped hoping these players would improve their skills as I had over the years.

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