Bryan Pica

Creative 1/28/2014

On October 14, 2011, I took part in cleaning up all of Charter Oak High School’s fields,track, stadium, etc. with the Marching Band and Colorguard in order to get ready for our first MBOS Competition. The reason for this was to make our school look as clean and presentable as possible because other schools across the state were going to compete in this competition. We split up into groups of 4 or more and used gloves and trash bags to clean up all trash around the school. This of course was very exhausting because we had to pick up even the tiniest pieces of trash that were on the fields for hours. Although it did take a while, all the hard work payed off because at the end of the day, our school looked spotless. The band thought it was over, however, at 8am the next day, we cleaned up once again for our competition to begin. We performed in front of a big crowd and soon went back to the concession stands where we had to sell and make food for the audience. We again split up into groups and were assigned different jobs. By the end of the competition, we had to clean up as best we could around the stadium and this took quite a while. Despite the hard labor, I learned that teamwork is key when trying to accomplish something big. It was a fun experience working the whole day and seeing a smile on people’s faces when we helped them.

Creative 3/30/2012

On December 10 2011, I marched as a member of the Charter Oak Marching Regiment in the Glendora Christmas Parade. We arrived at 7:30 am and warmed up for an hour. We performed the famous Christmas tune “Jingle Bell Rock” for over a mile. While we marched the parade my arms began to hurt due to my heavy baritone (instrument). As I was ready to break down my posture, I kept marching strong due to the motivation of the community. At the end of the parade I learned that when a community comes together, it can motivate its individuals to push themselves with encouragement.

Creative 3/30/2012

On Saturday, December 3, 2011, the Charter Oak Marching Band had just arrived from the SCSBOA Championships with a gold medal around our necks. After placing first, the band then made their way to the Covina Christmas Parade, where they quickly unloaded and made their way to the event. We were all exhausted after our winning performance, but we managed to pull through to perform for the people gathered at the event. This was a great learning experience because i learned that i could push myself harder after a strenuous day of competing against 30 other bands in California.

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