Blankets of Love

Blankets of Love 2013-2014


Welcome back to school everyone!  Now that things are a bit settled I would like to invite you to join the district’s Blankets of Love project!  Last year we had over 2,300 public school children participate from 13 different locations.  We made and gave away 800 blankets to children in need.  What a blessing!

If you would like to join the team, introduce yourself and send an email to Susan Gallegos!      It’s that easy!

The most common teams are teachers as the team leader of their class ( or classes).  However, we like to think outside of the box, too.  We have had district employees sign up their family as team, school offices sign up as a team and our HS wrestling coach signed up his team!  Teachers from every school in the district signed up last year.

Your team can make as few or as many blankets as you like.  You will need to fundraise for your own blanket material ($10 per blanket) which is due Friday, December 13 so I can order our material.  In January I will go to LA to purchase our material.  On Feb. 14 we will make our blankets and valentines.

I will send a Blankets of Love timeline and team leader responsibilities letter to everyone that signs up.  Come join the team… you will be glad you did!

Susie Gallegos

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