Do I have to do “full” IB?

No.  You can only test in 1 class if you want.

Is IB hard?  AP?

Yes, but you’ll get lots of support!  Charter Oak is the oldest IB school in Los Angeles County.  Our diploma pass rate is over 75%!  We’ve been doing it for decades with an amazing staff!

Can it help you get into college?

The 2 best things for yourself to get into college are:  1.  Take the most rigorous classes Charter Oak has – that’s I.B. – and 2.  Work hard to do be involved so you stand out as a leader.  Your Personal Statement can account for up to 40% of your acceptance!

Which colleges take IB and which ones take AP?

You need to contact each individual college to find out.  Even the UC and CAL State systems have different policies for different campuses.

What classes do I take?

Click here to get a schedule of your IB “path.”  Your counselor will help you with your schedule, Mr. Long helps you with IB and AP.

What awards do I get at Graduation?

Here is a pdf file that outlines Graduation Recognition when you graduate.

What does it cost?

One single exam is between $100 – $200 dollars.  A full diploma can range from $600 – $800.  Start saving.

Is financial aid available?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis.  Students must meet certain criteria and meet with an Administrator.

I heard I need to do community service hours, is that true?

Yes, they’re called CAS (Creativity, Action and Service)  You do them on your own, keep a log of your hours and write reflections about what you do and learn.  All your work is turned into Mr. Long.  Click here to learn more….

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