C.A.S. (Creativity, Action and Service)

CAS can be complicated and intimidating.  You can’t learn how it works all at once so ask Mr. Long lots of questions!!  (It’s his job:)

Students are challenged to get involved in and out of the classroom in the 3 categories of Creativity, Action and Service.  Log the hours, reflect on them and turn them in.  It’s that simple!!


1.  When do I start?

Junior year.

2.  What happens if I didn’t start then?

Start now, you can get caught up soon!

3.  How many hours does a Diploma Candidate do?

There isn’t a set amount of hours.  The I.B. website will tell you that if you’re a Diploma Candidate you need to have a goal of 150 hours.  Half in your junior year and half in your senior year.  (Remember, you can get caught up if you get behind:)  You’ll need to do hours, write reflections and be ready to answer 8 questions before you graduate.

4.  How many hours does a Certificate Candidate do?

There REALLY isn’t a set amount.  Follow your passion and ask lots of questions!!

5.  Do summer hours count?

Yes, for the following school year.

6.  Can I count old hours?

If they were done during your junior year or later, yes.  Otherwise, no.

7.  Is there an hours form?

Temporarily Unavailable.  Email Mr. Long for one, sorry.

8.  How do I write reflections and what do I do with them?

Click here to learn how to write and submit your reflections

9.  What if my questions weren’t answered?

You’re normal, ask Mr. Long!


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