2016 Remembrance Walk is Saturday 2/6

COEA and the Charter Oak Community Scholarship Foundation invite you to participate in the 18th Annual Remembrance Walk to honor those we have loved and lost especially in the last year.
Donation envelopes should be distributed at schools this week. For donation questions contact Pat Foy at pfoy@cousd.net.
Event is Saturday, Feb. 6 from 9-11 at the Charter Oak HS Track. All donations collected provide funds for scholarships for Charter Oak District seniors.

Class of ’16 NHS Invites – Congratulations!!

On Tuesday, March 17th students will begin receiving invitation letters for the National Honors Society.  You will also receive a Constitution.  (A link to one is below if you don’t want to wait:)  Here’s what you need to do if you’d like to participate:

1.  Sign the Constitution and turn it into Mrs. Dragoo in the Administration Office with your $10 annual dues.  I’ll announce a deadline, stay tuned.


2.  If you have already submitted work for NHS please continue to turn in your hours and reflections to Mr. Long.  Mr. Higuera is the new CAS Coordinator but for the time being NHS work needs to be uploaded via iblong.org.


PS  Soon I’ll publish the list of the top Juniors for this year’s Honor Guard!!  It’s an exciting time…

Aguirre, Johan
Aldridge, Kylie
Aselmann, Nele
Baldovino, Joshua
Barrios, Isaiah
Basa, Edgar Christian
Bello, Kristine Beatriz
Blacketer, Alexis
Brammer, Claire
Brennan, Catherine
Brown, Kamden
Cano, Francesca
Canoy, Patricia Elyse
Cardenas, Jonathan
Carrillo, Samantha
Casas, Claudia
Casillas, Ines
Castellanos, Andres
Castillo, Rebecca
Catalan Monterroso, Brianna
Chen, Christopher
Coblentz, Alaysia
Daly, James
D’Annunzio, Brandon
Deita, Ceanna Ving
Delgadillo Chavez, Miriam
Doan, BrandonPhuc
Echols, Zion
Enciso, Samantha
Feliciano, Gellian Grace
Felix, Alysa
Finney, Sydney
Flores Cabral, Melissa
Flores Cabral, Teresa
Foreman, Andrew
Garcia, Clarissa
Garcia, Margarita
Garcia, Ruth
Garibaldi, Elizabeth
Garkow, Nathan
Gershon, Michaela
Ghosn, Wael
Godinez, Andrew
Godoy, Leilani
Gomer, Lindsay
Gomez, Aidan
Gomez, Alyssa
Gonzalez, Synclair
Gooden, Kamryn
Graft, Vivian
Guardado, Danielle
Gutierrez, Albert
Gutierrez, Xavier
Hammock, Jeremy
Haywood, Robert
Hernandez, Alyssa
Hernandez, Trevor
Hill, Megan
Holguin, Brianna
Journell, Cierra
Labib, Caroline
Lau, Stacey
Lee, Daniel
Leybag, Allison
Limas, Julia
Lingenberg, Juli Ann
Lopez, David
Mandeville, Casey
Manke, Aleck
Marquez-Salgado, Cameron
Martinez, Charlie
Meade, Christopher
Medina Perez, Mario
Medrano, Adam
Mendez, Angelina
Mendez Moreno, Frida
Mitchell, Corra
Monleon, Jasmine
Montell, Molly
Morales Mendez, Ana
Munguia, Lissette
Nguyen, Ryan
Nguyen, Sarah
Nieto, Ashley
Oliva, Adriana
Olivares, Marisol
Orlik, Daniel
Orozco, Manuel
Padilla, Joshua
Plancey, Steven
Quezada-Soto, Samantha
Ramirez, Destiny
Reyes, Samantha
Rodriguez, Denise
Rodriguez, Emily
Rubalcava, Daniel
Salgado, Taylor
Sanchez, Victoria
Santacruz, Alexis
Santillan, Victoria
Santos, Justine
Savage, Cannon
Shifflet, Sebastien
Siedentopp, Hailey
Stilley, Robert
Tarr, Michael
Tiongco, Jacqueline
Tolentino, Andres
Tran, Hannah
Valenzuela, Alejandro
Vazquez, Paulina
Villa, Michelle
Villarreal, Elizabeth
Vuong, Iphen
Wagner, Jacob
Weisberg, James
Ytac, Elijah
Zuniga, Miranda
Zwahlen, Caleigh



Volunteer Opportunities – and some fun!


This Thursday (10/16) at lunch in the drama room there will be an informational meeting for a HUGE event on November 1.  Our Drama program is hosting a portion of the DTASC festival all day long and needs your help.  If you’re looking for some Creative hours this is a fun and easy way to get involved.

Also, Drama’s Fall play, “Rebel Without A Cause,” is looking for volunteers to help House Crew on the nights of Nov. 14th and 15th, and Nov. 19-21st.  If you’d like to help you can email Cassandra Gibbs at kassandra.gibbs@yahoo.com or stop by my room, F8, to get a letter with all the details.


The link to register is here  https://iblong.org/exam-registration/2012-ib-exam-registration-forms/

Payment Dates:


October 7 – 13


October 21 – 24


October 28 – 31

Volunteer with Foothill Unity Center

Volunteer Opportunity

Sharing Our Humanity Tonight!

The Sharing our Humanity club would like to invite you to attend our annual dinner on TONIGHT, March 13 at 6:00 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room at CO.  Tickets for the dinner are $5.00.  This year we are raising money to support the Water Project which provides water to underserved areas of the world.  We also will have a guest speaker from Pitzer College in Claremont.

Remember your participation counts for CAS!


CAS Hours With “Crazy For You”

From Rebecca Castillo:

Volunteers are needed for House Crew for Charter Oak’s spring musical, Crazy For You the nights of the show, March 25th-29th, and the week before that for tech week.

Volunteers duties would mainly include working as an usher, selling refreshments, and possibly helping decorate the lobby. If any artistic students want to help with decorating the lobby, that would be helpful as well. I will most likely have a training session this Saturday, the 15th.

Email Rebecca if you’re interested!

– Rebecca Castillo

Service Opportunity for Track

Mrs. Archer needs:

5 students for all home meets to be scorekeepers, runners and hurdle staff.

She can provide you with dates when you see her in Z2.

Meets usually run from 3:00 – 6:30ish.

This is a great chance to earn Service (NHS and CAS) and Action hours – and stay in shape!

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