Mrs. Grund, New COHS IB/AP Coordinator!

Congratulations Mrs. Grund!

Beginning this school year, Mrs. Grund will be the new Coordinator. Her email is

I will still be very involved in I.B., still Advise the National Honors Society, and I can’t wait to get back into the classroom with everyone and make wonderful art!!

Thank you!

-Mr. Long

2018 I.B. A.P. Exam Fees and Student List

I.B. Registration will be held when school starts based on the fees below.  If you were a Diploma Candidate last year (2017) and remain a Diploma Candidate this year (2018) you will not need to pay the registration fee.  A list of students who were Diploma Candidates last year is below.

A.P. Registration will be held in February and March of 2018.  Each exam is $93.

Candidate registration fee 172
Candidate subject fee 119
Alegria, Ashley
Aranki, Sary
Dela Pena, Renae
Echeverri-Osorio, David
Esparza, David
Figueroa, Amanda
Flores, Enrique
Galeazzi, Naomi
Garcia-Ruiz, Erika
Ghanem, Amjad
Guevarra, Kyna Clarisse
Hart, Rebecca
Lomeli, Monica
McClain, Alyssa
Messih, Nathalie
Munoz-Velasquez, Lesley
Nazy, Anthony
Nguyenla, Xean
Que, Noah
Quincena, Mariel-Kaye
Rodriguez, Natalie
Schenone, Nicholas
Serrano, Kimberly
Tran, Agnes
Vuong, Bryant
Yeh, Willie







2017 I.B. and A. P. Results; Congratulations!

2017 I.B. A.P. Exam Results.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017, including the teachers and families that worked hard together at C.O. to continue the proud success of students who work towards the high goals of Honors, A.P. and the I.B. Diploma Program.

At Charter Oak we are dedicated to producing students who are academically prepared for learning beyond Charter Oak.  Scores are a good indication of our success and future challenges but they are not the end we work so hard towards.  In a few weeks students will return to C.O. or begin their college/career journey with the thinking and practical skills that have become standard practice within the I.B. and A.P. courses.  Congratulations to everyone – and especially those teachers who hold their breath during exams just like students do in nervousness – for more reasons to celebrate than merely numbers.

Here’s a few highlights:

The average score on an I.B. exam (4 needed to pass) was 4.85!

The total average score of the Diploma Candidates was 30!  (24 is needed, and remember, many U.C.s offer sophomore status to I.B. Diploma Candidates with a 30 or higher.)

With exception to our most difficult exams in Math and Science, all subjects have a pass rate higher than the minimum 4.


I.B. English HL:  39 of the 43 students who completed the exam passed!  (91%)  Mrs. Shockey and Mrs. Wilcox deserved a huge thank you and congratulations.

I.B. English SL:  Congratulations to Mr. Higuera and his students.  All students passed! This means the SL English pass rate over the last 3 years is 90%!


I.B. Spanish:  Sra. Bernal and her students have been one of the most consistent areas of strength at C.O. and this year was no different.  All students passed the SL exam and 7 of 9 passed the HL exam.  The combined pass rate was 91%!


I.B. GLOBAL:  40 of 43 students passed Global!  (93%)

APUSH:  Mrs. Volpe and her students did wonderful in APUSH this year – one of the more challenging exams.  The average score was passing (3.1) and 26 students (almost half!) earned a 4 or 5!

Congratulations to Mr. D. and the first year students tested in AP Human Geography.  Over half the students passed and several of those passing grades were higher than the minimum 3.  This is large increase from the previous scores in the World History Course/Exam and means we’ve got a great future ahead of us.


Math Studies SL:  86% of the students passed.

AP Stats:  75% of the students passed and the average score was 3.5!

AP CALC AB:  50% of the students passed.

3 Students received scores of 5 on the I.B. Mathematics SL exam and J.C. Amistoso passed Math HL – arguably one of the most difficult exams within I.B.  (Congratulations Mrs. Plecas!)

ARTS and Individual Students

I.B. Art SL and HL:  All students but one in each level passed their exams.  After a curriculum change 2 years ago the pass rate has been 89%!

Congratulations to Ryan Martinez for passing I.B Theatre – and earning his Diploma!  He was one of a few bold students who took exams in subjects with only a few students.  Andrew Castillo and Oscar Arellano both passed AP Spanish, Sharon Lau passed I.B. French, and J.C.Amistoso passed our school’s first AP Computer Science exam!

2017 IB Scores Released to Students Tomorrrow, 7/6/17

Congratulations!  There’s lots of good news to report from the class of 2017.  I’m vacationing and have seen all the scores.  As a school we have lots to celebrate.  English, world languages, history, the arts, and math have lots to celebrate.  I’ll send out a summary of the details at the end of the week when I return.  AP scores will be released in a few days.

2017 I.B. and A.P. Scores

Here’s what you need to know to access your scores next week:


IB will publish your scores on 06-Jul-2017 16:15:00 GMT.  The piece of paper you may have received from me with your access codes has the website listed at the top, here is the link:

If you lost that paper or did not receive one you can request it from me via email, however, you may experience a delay receiving a response from me because it is a busy – and exciting – time of year.

If you requested a one-time free transcript to be sent on your behalf to your university or college I have entered that information into IB’s system.  If you did not request a transcript from me you will need to order and pay for one on your own by visiting


AP releases scores in a series of “waves” based on your physical location at the time you access them, not the location of your school.  People in California can access scores on Sunday July 9th at 5am.  The complete access schedule can be found here:

To access your score you will need to have created an account through the College Board website at

2017 I.B. Transcript Request (’17 Only)

2017 I.B. A.P. Exam Schedule 5/15 – 5/19 (2.0)


  •  The schedule is subject to change, check Remind and for the most recent update.
  • The schedule is best viewed on a desktop.  Some items may not be included on the small screen of a phone or tablet.
Wed May 17
Late AP U.S. History 7:30 – 11:30 C9
IB Spanish HL 7:30 – 10:00 C1 Paper 2
IB Spanish SL 7:30 – 10:00 C1 Paper 2
Thurs May 18
AP Computer Science 7:30 – 11:00 C1
IB French SL 12:30 – 2:00 C9 Paper 1
Late AP Span 12:30 – 4:30 C1
Fri May 19
IB French SL 7:30 – 9:00  C1 Paper 2


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