Getting Senior Diploma Candidates Caught Up

This is the last full week of January and the last week for you to get current on all your CAS work before I update all your work. Come see me if you have questions, most people do.

To submit reflections click on Submit 2015 Diploma CAS at

(There are a few of you who are already behind on Internal Assessments and CAS – putting your Diploma and recognition at graduation in jeopardy. If this is you, see me this week during Charger Time if you need help. Please be prepared for phone calls home to keep everyone on track.)

IB Juniors: Time To Finish Up CAS

CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) is the volunteer part of the IB Program.  At CO it’s something we’re known for within our community as a part of the reputation of being a Charger.

The Juniors I’ve talked to have all been busy volunteering – exceeding expectations!  Some through clubs, some through churches and city organizations, and many through sports at CO.  Here’s what you need to do to keep up:

1.  Visit

2.  Decide what category you want your hours to count for.  You have the freedom to choose between Creativity, Action, and Service.  Your choice may depend on what you learned while you were busy working or it may depend on the task you completed.

CREATIVITY – creating, making, writing, performing, designing, building, decorating…

ACTION – moving, building, helping, lifting, organizing, competing….

SERVICE – volunteering, assisting, helping, serving, cleaning, filing….

3.  Write your reflections in the spaces in the link above.  Short stories with details are best.

4.  Submit your reflections and the number of hours once or twice a month from now on.

5.  If it’s your first time you may “go back in time” to the summer and include those activities for this year.

6.  Email me with any questions while you’re working on the process.

7.  Here are a few guidelines to think about:

Hours don’t count if you are getting paid, are spreading your religious faith or views, or are getting a grade.

In athletics – games and matches count, practices don’t.  I trust you to estimate wisely.

You need to aim for about 75 hours during your Junior year and 75 hours your Senior year.

CAS is a requirement for your IB Diploma and Recognition at Senior Awards.

Senior Awards Lists


Here are 2 lists:

See me if there are any errors.  You’ve all been very helpful in making sure all the details are accurate – thank you for making my job simple and rewarding!!


Carino Caitlin
Castro Lauren
Centenaro Jaime
Earle Liliana
Elizondo Marilyn
Grindstaff-Silverstein Elise
Jansen Natalie
Jimenez Alexis
Lu Shelly
Olivas Patricia
Rodriguez Samantha
Sandoval Melanie
Scoglio Nathan
Scoglio Nathan
Truong Debbie
Vazquez Vanessa
Wagner Casey
Zwahlen Casie
Buckley Meagan


Alva Aman
Barajas Martin
Bautista Ysabel
Borboa Steven
Centenaro Jaime
Chon Samantha
Chuc Codey
Dejenie Rebeka
Earle Liliana
Elizondo Marilyn
Huynh Thomas
Jimenez Alexis
Jucal Jena-Misty
Leon Adrian
Lliles Brianna
Lu Shelly
Mathew Alicia
Nicholas Mikaila
Olivas Patricia
Olivas Patricia
Pacheco Desiree
Parsons Robert
Pica Bryan
Rodriguez Samantha
Sandoval Melanie
Sanjog Anand
Wagner Casey








Senior Awards, Certificate Seniors (Find your name)

Below is a list of students who have submitted hours and reflections, and are taking at least one IB exam this year.  At senior awards night they will receive recognition in the form of a cord to wear during the graduation ceremony.  Please check the list for your name.  Email me ( with any questions or stop by F8.

If you would like to receive recognition and haven’t submitted your hours and reflections the deadline is Friday, April 25th.  Click this link to submit them now!

Bryan Pica

Casey Wagner

Jena-Misty Jucal

Melanie Sandoval

Patricia Olivas

Samantha Rodriguez

Shelly Lu

Steven Borboa

Thomas Huynh

Alexis Jimenez

Isabel Bautista

Jaime Centenaro

Liliana Earle

Marilyn Elizondo

Mikaila Nicholas

Patricia Olivas

Robert Parsons

Codey Chuc

Adrian Leon

Aman Alva

I’m Updating Your CAS Work…

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been reading and updating your CAS pages.  I’m always amazed by the work you do outside of Charter Oak!

Did you know Brice Sitz set up a garden for a local church?

Did you know Albert Schelin credits Mrs. Foy for teaching him to care for the environment?

And Alexis Tejada worked with foster kids?

If you’re spending your break getting caught up feel free to keep sending your work.  Many of you were involved in the AMAZING Drama Musical, don’t forget to send me those reflections!

Enjoy vacation!

PS  So far I’ve run 29 miles in 2 days to train for my race (followed by more sleep and eating than I thought possible).  Celebrated my daughter’s 10th birthday, and had the rare chance to take my daughters to school!  (They tell me exactly how mommy does it so I get it right:)

Diploma Senior Final CAS Hours Due Before Spring Break

FAQs (These are all real questions I’ve been asked.)

How many hours do I have to do?

You must answer all 8 questions – hours aren’t what makes you pass.  You need to answer all 8 questions with multiple reflections from  multiple activities.  Your hours are kept confidential.

What happens if I don’t get them done?

You miss out on the recognition at graduation and can’t receive your diploma from IB.

Does IB receive my work?


Do I have to have my reflections posted online?

No, every year we have students submit journals with reflections.  If you get creative you can make a presentation with a visual representation of your answers of all 8 questions.

What if I’ve got an idea for presenting my CAS reflections differently than submitting my reflections? 

See me as soon as possible and we’ll work out a solution.  My job is to get the best and most sincere work from you, not burden you with more requirements.

Why are they due before spring break?

A vacation is a vacation.  I want you to spend time with your families, rest, read and come back ready to finish strong!

When is the last possible time to submit them?

I’m not that picky.  I won’t be awake at 11:59pm any day.  The reason for the deadline is so you and I can be done and avoid work right before your exams.

Just a thought…

Several of you have told me how much you’ve enjoyed the CAS process – even if you’ve been behind.  You’ve done some incredible service work.  The impact this class has made on Charter Oak and its community will be remembered for a long time!

CAS Hours With “Crazy For You”

From Rebecca Castillo:

Volunteers are needed for House Crew for Charter Oak’s spring musical, Crazy For You the nights of the show, March 25th-29th, and the week before that for tech week.

Volunteers duties would mainly include working as an usher, selling refreshments, and possibly helping decorate the lobby. If any artistic students want to help with decorating the lobby, that would be helpful as well. I will most likely have a training session this Saturday, the 15th.

Email Rebecca if you’re interested!

– Rebecca Castillo

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