Senior Awards Lists

If you believe there is a mistake please see Mr. Long ASAP.  The lists are published frequently to make sure they are accurate for Senior Awards Night next month.

2015 NHS Students

Augustyn Liam
Cruz James Christopher
Dugally Mohammed
Escobedo Natalie
Flores Erin
Garcia Raquel
Manila Adrian
Mendoza Ethan
Montes Natalie
Nguyenla Xammy
Pastrana Talia
Riley Thea
Ritchie Nicholas
Rose Elizabeth
Torres Olivia
Varghese Susanna

2015 Certificate (Course) Candidates

These are students who are taking at least 1 IB exam this year and have completed community service work.

Driggs Desiree
Manosalva Diana
Augustyn Liam
Moronez Mireya
Escobedo Natalie
Montes Natalie
Varghese Susanna

2015 Diploma Candidates (Pending Completion of CAS with Mr. Higuera)

Alvarez, Camila Pending
Antig, Zachary Pending
Ascencio, Nancy Pending
Baker, Farah Pending
Casto, Michael Pending
Cervantes, Gabriel Pending
Cortes, Marina Pending
Cruz, James Christopher Pending
Dugally, Mohammed Pending
Flores, Erin Pending
Garcia, Raquel Pending
Gonzalez, Luis Pending
Manila, Adrian Pending
Martinez, Matthew Pending
Morales, Aaron Pending
Nguyenla, Xammy Pending
Nolan, Cebrina Pending
Riley, Thea Pending
Ritchie, Nicholas Pending
Rose, Elizabeth Pending
Sabatino, Jacob Pending
Serrano, Jan Pending
Stein, Devynn Pending
Torres, Olivia Pending
Vest, Louis Pending
Vice, Jesse Pending

CO Community Scholarship Calendar; Deadlines Approaching!

Senior Diploma PIN Codes

Seniors, in order to upload your TOK Essay into IB’s site you’ll need your PIN Code.

This is the same information you’ll need to access your scores in July.

I have them on paper for each of you in my room, F8.

Pick yours up before 3pm on Friday. I will not send codes via email, and will only distribute them to their owners – please don’t send someone to get yours.

Congratulations on finishing another big part of your Diploma!!

Class of 2014 Charter Oak Community Scholarship Foundation Awards Recap

This year, the Charter Oak Community Scholarship Foundation was able to award 40 seniors and 17 community members a total of $38,000 in scholarships.  In addition to the $2,000 Memorial Scholarship, awards ranged from $500 to $1,000.  Members of both the Senior Scholarship and Community Scholarship committees were impressed with the quality of the applicants and the high rate of participation in the application process.  Indeed, 86 individuals applied for scholarships in time for the deadline. At the high schools, most students are choosing schools in California with UCLA, UC Irvine, and Fullerton among the most frequently chosen.  Some out of state schools that seniors will be attending in the fall include NYU, Southern Oregon, University of Montana, Cornell, Grand Canyon University, and College of Idaho.  For Charter Oak High seniors, popular majors are Business (in particular, accounting) and Computer Science. For Sunflower Campus seniors, interests lie in medicine, mechanics, and cosmetology.




Getting 2014 IB Scores

From IB:

Candidates may access their own May 2014 session results via

from 1200 hours (GMT) on 6 July using their unique personal identification number (PIN). The release of results to candidates will be staggered at 15 minute intervals based upon the time zone in which the schools are located.

From Mr. Long:

If you need your codes just email me,  I’ll respond to all requests before the scores are released based on a first-come, first-served basis starting with those who have already emailed me a request.

One More Day of Exams Left…(Name That Teacher:)

We Can Do It!

IB Global Exam Announcement for 5/14

The Global Exam is scheduled for 12:30 in E2.

Each of you will need to bring a lunch with you and be prepared to adjust your schedule to ensure the exam starts on time.  You will not be allowed to leave for lunch tomorrow because there will not be enough time to get food and start the exam on time.

Your 4th period teachers are aware of the exam time and ready to make sure you have lunch before the exam.

Thank you for your help and patience.


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