2018 I.B. A.P. Exam Fees and Student List

I.B. Registration will be held when school starts based on the fees below.  If you were a Diploma Candidate last year (2017) and remain a Diploma Candidate this year (2018) you will not need to pay the registration fee.  A list of students who were Diploma Candidates last year is below.

A.P. Registration will be held in February and March of 2018.  Each exam is $93.

Candidate registration fee 172
Candidate subject fee 119
Alegria, Ashley
Aranki, Sary
Dela Pena, Renae
Echeverri-Osorio, David
Esparza, David
Figueroa, Amanda
Flores, Enrique
Galeazzi, Naomi
Garcia-Ruiz, Erika
Ghanem, Amjad
Guevarra, Kyna Clarisse
Hart, Rebecca
Lomeli, Monica
McClain, Alyssa
Messih, Nathalie
Munoz-Velasquez, Lesley
Nazy, Anthony
Nguyenla, Xean
Que, Noah
Quincena, Mariel-Kaye
Rodriguez, Natalie
Schenone, Nicholas
Serrano, Kimberly
Tran, Agnes
Vuong, Bryant
Yeh, Willie







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