2017 IB, AP Exam Guidelines

Here are the expectations for students taking IB and AP Exams.  No exceptions can be made.  One breach of the rules casts all exams into jeopardy.

  1.  Set your alarm and be on time.  Do not leave campus for lunch before an afternoon exam.  Bring your lunch for the day with you.
  2. No food is allowed in the testing room.
  3. You may bring a bottle of water into the exam session with you.  You will not be allowed to bring in any other drink than a bottle of water.
  4. I will ask you to remove and turn off all electronic devices and leave them in your backpacks before you enter the testing area.
  5. If you bring a wrist watch I will ask you to remove it from your wrist and set it on the table. If it is a “smart” watch you will be required to put it into your bag before entering the room.  “Smart” glasses are not permitted.
  6. Bring your own writing materials.  Blue or black ink only.  Highlighters are okay.
  7. The specific details regarding materials and leaving an exam can be read in the attached document.  I advise you to download it from the link below and read it.

2017 Conduct_of_the_examinations_-_notice_to_candidates_(poster)

Congratulations!  Remember that part of testing is the celebration of all the skills and knowledge you’ve worked so hard to develop.


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