I.B. and N.H.S. Yearbook Photo Schedule

Here is the schedule for Yearbook photos.  Photos will be taken as a group in the gym at lunch as soon as you arrive.  All N.H.S. students who were invited to participate and have turned in their signed constitutions are expected to participate.  A list of 2017 Seniors who are eligible is listed below.

I.B. Diploma Candidates:  Thursday

10th, 11th, and 12th N.H.S. Members:  Thursday

Senior I.B. Course/Certificate Candidates:  Friday

Here is the list of seniors in N.H.S Students:

Emilie Carvajal

Fernando Carrillo

Alice Duran

Rachel Caputo

Anna Wilson

Kaitlyn Hotaling

Emilia Huerta

William Vest

Sharon Lau

Ashvir Toor

Juan Carlos Amistoso

Tammy Wong

Cindy Vergara

Juan Santos

Jillian Smith

Andrew Castillo

Moises Sanchez

Cindy Mendez

Alexis Pinela

Camille Castro

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