IB Certificate/Course Registration, 2017

Here are a few thoughts for parents and students who are considering or planning on registering for IB Exams separately from the full Diploma Program to consider:

Register Here:  DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY 10/26

Download the paper registration form here

  1.  Seniors who take at least one I.B. Exam and participate in volunteer work through the C.A.S. program overseen by Mr. Higuera are eligible for recognition at Graduation.  At Charter Oak we love to celebrate and recognize students who are involved in their community and study within a demanding academic setting.  Contact Mr. Higuera at shiguera@cousd.net
  2. California is in the top two among the fifty states with the most IB Diploma Schools.  Acceptance of IB Exams is growing, including credit for Standard Level and Higher Level exams but you have to do your homework by contacting the colleges you are pursuing and asking about college credit.  We’ve had students take their syllabus, letters from CO teachers, and IB coursework to colleges and successfully petitioned for credit at schools where it wasn’t granted.  It’s possible.  Plan ahead.
  3. The exam is the best way to measure your preparedness for college.  Parents understand this and it’s why many parents sacrifice and challenge our students to take the exam.  IB teaches the skills needed to succeed in college.  The exam reveals these skills.  (Thank you parents for years of support on this one!)
  4. In most of our courses the pass rates over the long duration of the program are at or above International levels.  Pass rates are sometimes 80 – 100% in some of our most difficult classes like Global and Biology.  That challenge you’re facing now is for a reason – stick with it!

Our Certificate/Course students stand out because they have chosen to pursue a better academic future for themselves while being active in our community and our school. They are cherished and admired.  Their desire for their future is only matched by our teachers.

I also believe the reason IB has been so successful at Charter Oak for nearly 30 years is because of the teachers.  Students do you get tired?  So do the teachers!  Students do you put forward more work than you expect sometimes?  So do the teachers!  Our teachers put their heart and soul into our students.  Over the years they have quietly provided scholarships, stayed up late to grade, stayed after school to tutor and, I’ve watched them cry when “that one student” passes or gets into their top university.

It’s why I love teaching and learning at C.O.

Enjoy your weekend and your family,

Mr. Long


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