2016 IB and AP Scores; Some Details and Victories.

Now that scores have been released here is the less important news, the numbers:

Of the 20 Diploma recipients, 7 received a 30 or more.  If they are off to a UC campus  granting sophomore status to scores of 30 or higher they are no longer freshmen!

AP Calculus AB:  Congratulations to Mrs. Plecas and the AP Calculus AB exam students.  14 out of 20 passed.

AB Calculus BC:  Congratulation to Mrs. Hope and the BC students.  5 of the 8 students passed a very tough math test.

IB Math SL:  Mrs. Hope led 100% of her students to a passing grade!  (Sure, there were only 3 students who took it, but goodness – there’s a reason only 3 students took it:)!

IB Math Studies:  Despite the occasional trip to the palm tree, Mr. Nichols students posted an 81% pass rate in Math Studies.

Art  (My personal favorite): 4 of 5 students passed the brand new HL curriculum and 11 out 13 students passed the brand new SL curriculum.

AP Spanish:  Both students who took the exam without taking the course passed!  Congratulation to Adrianna Casas and Frida Mendez Moreno who both got higher than the 3 needed to pass!

IB Spanish:  8 out of 9 passed the HL exam and 26 out of 28 students passed the SL exam.  That means over 90% students passed their exam!

Global:  Two years of perfect pass rates is a tough path to follow.  Still, nearly 80% of students passed on of the toughest exams on campus.  (Students, just think of Paper 3!)

English:  Congratulations to Mrs. Shockey (and Mrs. Wilcox!) and all the IB English students.  Of the 46 students who completed all the requirements for the exam, all but 1 passed!!

In other areas, 2 of the 3 students taking SL French passed and nearly 70% of Mr. Higuera’s and Mr. Harte’s students passed SL English.

Scattered among the numbers are numerous scores well above passing.  Nearly every IB subject saw students receive a 6 or 7 – well above the minimum of a four to pass, and multiple Extended Essay subjects had students who received A’s and B’s.

Here’s the most important news, what it means:

There are areas where we we didn’t meet our own expectations but remember, IB at Charter Oak has nearly 30 years of rich history.  The list of graduates include doctors and lawyers, moms, teachers, administrators and community leaders.  The list of colleges is equally impressive.  We will work honestly and diligently to improve because it’s a part of the legacy that was left to us at Charter Oak.  Despite the areas where we weren’t successful based on scores alone, students are still leaving Charter Oak as well-prepared college students.

Here’s the most impressive observation:  The amount of students willing to take on a challenge and the amount of hard work given by the teachers on a daily basis to support them.  I write it every year because it’s true.  We are all a part of something much bigger than ourselves.  Our common qualities are hard work and a desire to leave the world we live in better than when we found it.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, I already can’t wait to be back.  When we return I will be – gasp, 40! –  but I love the classroom more than ever.  Email me with any questions, clong@cousd.net.






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