Sophomore and Junior Meetings Friday 4/22 and Monday 4/25

All sophomores and juniors participating the IB, AP or Honors at Charter Oak are invited to lunch meetings in F8 this Friday 4/22 and next Monday 4/25.  You may attend either and there will be more meetings during May.  During these meetings we will discuss the following topics:

  1.  Participating the National Honors Society (NHS, see eligibility list below).
  2. Checking your current schedule of classes for AP and the IB Program.  I will hand out materials to assist you.
  3. Answering lots of questions about classes, college, TOK, CAS, and graduation!

We will meet more than once during the month of May to make sure your summer plans and schedule of classes match your goals at Charter Oak.

If you would like to get a head start you can download the NHS Constitution, print it, fill it out, and bring the annual $10 due with you to the meeting.  This fee covers our National Membership fees and will last through next year.  Below is a list of students who are eligible.  Find your name and when you have questions email me at

Congratulations!  You’ve reached an important milestone in your education.  I look forward to meeting you.

-Mr. Long


Altareh, Gezel
Alvarez, Mateo
Amistoso, Juan Carlos Ronaldo
Arellano, Oscar
Arevalo, Michael
Basilio, Kyra
Bollas, Jose
Brown, Maggie
Caputo, Rachel
Carrillo, Fernando
Castillo, Andrew
Castro, Camille
Chavez, Marissa
Chon, Nathan
Choplick, Sara
Clemetson, Bret
Cordova, Aaron
DeLuna, Danielle
Dohy, Jenna
Duran, Alice
Flores, Madeline
Flores Torres, Leonardo
FloresCorrales, EmaRae
FloresZuniga, Deseery
Fraijo, Daniel
Fugit, Kathryn
Ghafari, Alison
Gonzalez Rios, Marco
Greene, Justine
Guizar, Rafael
Hampton, Sydni-Cheyenne
Harwood, Donald
Hernandez, Alexxis
Hernandez, Andrew
Hotaling, Kaitlyn
Huerta, Emilia
Lau, Sharon
Le, Jennifer
Leon, Emily
Loera, Giselle
Lugo, Christopher
Manila, Adelaide Marie
Martinez, Jordan
Martinez, Lanea
Martinez, Ryan
Mendez Moreno, Cindy
Morentin, Jimmy
Morentin, Selena
Nogen, Jason
Ortega, Jake
Pasalo, Joelle
Pattinson Sparkman, Jaryd
Pinela, Alexis
Rafter, Joel
Reyes, Nicole
Rose, Melissa
Salazar, Bria
Sanchez, Moises
Santos, Juan
Schrader, Jeremy
Smith, Jillian
Spelman, Bailey
Tang, Justin
Toor, Ashvir
Trujillo, Madison
Urquidi, Amber
Varney, Savannah
Vazquez, Briana
Vergara, Cindy
Vest, William
Vizcaino, Kimberly
Ward, Kallen
Wilson, Anna
Wong, Tammy


Alegria, Ashley
Allende, Tiffany
Althouse, Kassidy
Alvarez Luna, Javier
Antig, Austin
Aranki, Sary
Arteaga, Andrew
Bangle, Erick
Bautista, Fabian
Blackard, Joshua
Blackburn, Richard
Bloss, Bridgette
Busch, Miya
Cabrera, Jean
Calvin Cuevas, Anisah
Canoy, Audrey Nicole
Chapman, Matthew
Clark, Hailey
Cohen, Tearle
Cornelius, Kayden
Costa, Joshua
Dela Pena, Renae
Driggs, Denim
Echeverri-Osorio, David
Edwards, Alyssa
Elafify, Doaa
Esparza, David
Evans, Chase
Farrar, Louis
Gabriel, Roman
Galeazzi, Naomi
Garcia Ruiz, Erika
Ghanem, Amjad
Guevarra, Kyna Clarisse
Henen, Nardin Elfishwe
Hernandez, Amber
Kartouch, Isabel
Kelley, Erika
Kerby, Chloe
Lomeli Garcia, Monica
Love, Talon
Luster, Heather
Macall, Abel
Manzo Ventura, Priscila
McClain, Alyssa
McIntosh, Ryan
Meade, Kelly
Medrano, Sophia
Messih, Nathalie
Mettert, Kathryn
Millan, Michael
Montoya, Lily
Morentin, Charlene
MunozVelasquez, Lesley
Naguit, Jestone
Nazy, Anthony
Nguyenla, Xean
Ornelas, Jacqueline
Ortega, Eva
Owen, Jantzen
Padilla, Johnathan
Pastrana, Sela
Perez, Simon
Phillips, Katelynn
Pullen, Tyler
Ramos, Breana
Ramos, Raigan
Randoll, Jamisa
Robledo, Gizelle
Rodriguez, Natalie
Rodriguez, Nestor
Romero, Joseph
Roset, Madison
Schenone, Nicholas
Smith, Zachary
Tellez, Gabriella
Tran, Agnes
Urieta, Alexander
Vuong, Bryant
Wang, Stephanie
Yeh, Willie







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