2016 Final AP Rosters (Find Your Name)

Below is the list of students taking one or more AP Exams this year.  Included are the exams you are taking.  Please find your name and verify that your registration is correct.  If there is a mistake please notify me immediately by stopping by my room, F8, or emailing me at clong@cousd.net.

Soon I will be publishing a complete calendar of IB and AP Exams.  If an IB and AP exam are scheduled at the same time I will re-schedule you for a later exam date (predetermined by AP) and you will be notified of the change.  Please note that all dates are set by IB and AP and cannot be changed by anyone at the school.  If you cannot attend an exam on the date it is scheduled, you cannot take the exam.  (Visit https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/takingtheexam/ap-calendar for a listing of AP Exams.  Every teacher has access to a calendar with both IB and AP Exam dates.)

We’ve got a lot of exciting things happening this week – and then Spring Break.  Thanks teachers and students for all your hard work!!

Alegria Ashley 10 European History
Alvarez Mateo 11 U.S. History
Amistoso Juan Carlos 11 Calculus AB U.S. History
Andres Tolentino 12 Statistics
Aranki Sary 10 European History
Arellano Oscar 11 U.S. History
Arellano Gibran 10 European History
Arevalo Michael 11 U.S. History
Baldovino Joshua 12 Calculus AB
Baldovino Benjamin 12 Statistics
Battles Gordon 10 European History
Bermudez Jaime 11 U.S. History
Blacketer Alexis 12 Calculus BC Statistics
Burgan Christopher 12 Calculus AB
Busch Miya 10 European History
CALDERON MAURICIO 10 European History
Caputo Rachel 11 U.S. History
Cardenas Jonathan 12 Calculus AB Statistics
Carrillo Fernando 11 Calculus AB U.S. History
Casas Claudia 12 Spanish Language Statistics
Castellanos Andres 12 Calculus AB Statistics European History
Castillo Andrew 11 U.S. History
Castro Camille 11 Statistics U.S. History
Catalan Monterroso Brianna 12 Statistics
Clemetson Bret 11 Calculus AB U.S. History
Coblentz Alaysia 12 Statistics
De Luna Danielle 11 U.S. History
Deita Ceanna 12 Statistics
Dohy Jenna 11 Statistics
Duran Alice 11 Calculus AB U.S. History
Echeverri-Osorio David 10 European History
Eiselstein Isaiah 12 Calculus AB
Eiselstein Isaiah 12 Calculus BC
Enciso Samantha 12 Statistics
Erika Garcia 10 European History European
Felix Alysa 12 Statistics
Flores Madeline 11 U.S. History
Flores Leonardo 11 Calculus AB U.S. History
Flores Zuniga Deseery 11 U.S. History
Fugit Kathryn 11 U.S. History
Funes Marina 12 Statistics
Galeazzi Naomi 10 European History
Garibaldi Elizabeth 12 Statistics
Ghafari Alison 11 U.S. History
Ghanem Amjad 10 European History
Gomez Aidan 12 Statistics
Gooden Kamryn 12 Statistics
Guizar Rafael 11 U.S. History
Gutierrez Albert 12 Calculus AB
Hampton Sydni-Cheyenne 11 U.S. History
Hernandez Trevor 12 Calculus AB
Hernandez Andrew 11 U.S. History
Hernandez Alexandria 11 U.S. History
Hill Megan 12 Statistics
Hotaling Kaitlyn 11 Statistics U.S. History
Huerta Emilia 11 U.S. History
Hussey Jacob 12 Statistics
Huynh Brendan 10 European History
Inguito Aina 11 U.S. History
Jaarah Kholoud 11 U.S. History
Joanou Justin 12 Statistics
Kanemoto Cory 12 Statistics
Kladifko Kolton 11 U.S. History
Klingseis jaredklingseis@gmail.com 11 U.S. History
Lau Stacey 12 Calculus BC
Lau Sharon 11 Calculus AB U.S. History
Lee Eric 11 U.S. History
Light Cole 11 U.S. History
Lopez-Quezada Maya 10 European History
Madolora Megan 11 U.S. History
Manila Adelaide 11 U.S. History
Manzo-Ventura Priscila 10 European History
Martinez Charlie 12 Calculus BC
Martinez Ryan 11 U.S. History
Martinez Jordan 11 Calculus AB U.S. History
McIntosh Ryan 10 European History
Meade Christopher 12 Calculus BC
Medina Mario 12 Calculus AB
Medrano Adam 12 Statistics
Mendez Angelina 12 Calculus BC
Mendez Moreno Frida 12 Spanish Language
Mendez Moreno Cindy 11 Calculus AB U.S. History
Monica Lomeli 10 European History
Morentin Charlene 10 European History
Muell Joseph 11 U.S. History
Munoz-Servin Ruby 10 European History
Munoz-Velazquez Giovanni 11 U.S. History
Narag Aaron 12 Calculus AB Statistics
Nguyenla Xean 10 European History
Niccoli Zachary 11 U.S. History
Nogen Jason 11 U.S. History
Oliveros Christopher 11 U.S. History
Ortega Jake 11 Statistics U.S. History
Parsons Ryan 11 U.S. History
Perez Simon 10 European History
Perez Andrea 10 European History
Pinela Alexis 11 U.S. History
Priddy Katie 10 European History
Quincena Mariel-Kaye 10 European History
Rafter Joel 11 Calculus AB U.S. History
Ramirez Destiny 12 Statistics
Ramirez Javier 11 U.S. History
Rodriguez Nestor 10 European History
Rosa Caleb 11 U.S. History
Rose Melissa 11 U.S. History
Salcedo Isaiah 11 U.S. History
Sanchez Moises 11 U.S. History
Sandoval keeler Elysa 11 U.S. History
Santos Juan 11 U.S. History
Schenone Nicholas 10 European History
Schrader Jeremy 11 Calculus AB
Sharp Cody 10 European History
Siedentopp Hailey 12 Statistics
Smith Jillian 11 Statistics U.S. History
Spelman Bailey 11 Calculus AB U.S. History
Stilley Robert 12 Calculus BC
Sulla Christian 11 U.S. History U.S. History
Thomas Nathan 10 European History
Tran Agnes 10 European History
Tuck Emily 11 U.S. History
Varney Savannah 11 U.S. History
Vergara Cindy 11 U.S. History
Vest William 11 U.S. History
Villa Michelle 12 Statistics
Vuong Iphen 12 Calculus BC
Vuong Bryant 10 European History
Wang Stephanie 10 European History
Wilson Anna 11 Calculus AB U.S. History
Wong Tammy 11 Calculus AB U.S. History
Wong Andrew 12 Calculus AB
Yeh Willie Yeh 10 European History

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