TOK Seniors Who Still Need to Email Their Form

The following students still need to email their TOK/PPF form to Ms. Dettelbach.  If you have the time and ability to contact and inform one or more of the students below please do so.

To those of you who have submitted – oh what a wild adventure it has been this weekend!  A huge and special thank you to Ms. Dettelbach (and her son and Mrs. Shockey) for solving impossible computer problems and making sure all the work has been done correctly!  We all owe them an enormous thank you on Monday morning.

Here’s the list:

Sami Aranki

Adriana Casas

Brianna Catalan

Brandon D’Annunzio

Megan Hill

Juliann Lingenberg

Frida Mendez Moreno

Caroline Labib

Iphen Vuong

James Weisberg



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