2016 Course/Certificate Senior Awards List

The students listed below will be receiving a letter from me regarding their participation in CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) and recognition at Senior Awards Night and Graduation.  When you receive the letter see me in F8 ASAP during one of the listed times to prepare for the end of the year.

Abasta Isaiah
Amistoso Juan Carlos
Balvaneda Jiselle
Bello Kristine Beatriz
Blacketer Alexis
Burgan Christopher
Cano Francesca
Cardenas Jonathan
Castellanos Andres
Chacon Alexis
Coblentz Alaysia
Collins Eryn
Deita Ceanna
Delgadillo Chavez Miriam
Enciso Samantha
Felix Alysa
Garcia Margarita
Garcia Ruth
Garcia Margarita
Garibaldi Elizabeth
Godoy Leilani
Gomez Aidan
Gutierrez Albert
Hussey Jacob
Journell Cierra
Kanemoto Cory
Leybag Allison
Limas Julia
Martinez Charlie
Medina Perez Mario
Mohammad Aqil
Ng Melissa
Nguyen Sarah
Olivares Marisol
Siedentopp Hailey
Stilley Robert
Tolentino Andres
Tran Hannah
Valenzuela Alejandro
Villa Michelle
Wong Betty
Wong Andrew
Yazji Sana
Luna Jacey

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