2016 Notes and Announcements

Welcome Back!


All teachers have access to a calendar with all IB and AP exam dates and approximate times.  Please be aware of them because we cannot re-schedule exams.  If you miss an exam or are late to an exam you will not be allowed to re-take it.

Cords and Diploma Sashes:

I will publish lists of students who are eligible for various cords and sashes at graduation.  Money may be collected for each individual cord or sash.  These awards are optional attire at graduation and will be handed out at Senior Awards night – it’s fun!!

Volunteer Hours:

Mr. Higuera is working with all IB Diploma Candidates, both juniors and seniors.  This year Mr. Long is working with the Course (Certificate) Seniors.  Keep an eye on your email for announcements.

AP Exam Registration:

Registration will begin next month and continue into March.  The process will be very similar to IB Registration.  Attached is the AP Student/Parent Bulletin with all the details about exams.  Each test is $92.


Grades and Scheduling:

Please note the unique challenge IB and AP students face to begin the semester.  Many students will be turning in significant portions of their exams during the next 2-3 months.  This means that typical end-of-the-year assignments are often given and graded within the first 2 grading periods, not during finals.  The teachers keep a calendar so the due dates can be scheduled to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone.  Students need to be aware of the due dates and plan ahead.


Seniors, did you ever think 2016 would get here?!  In the next few months you’ll be buying college sweatshirts, planning graduation celebrations, and enjoying one of the most unique and exciting times of your life.  I’m excited to see what the new year brings….


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