Thank You, Enjoy Rest and Your Family!

Thank you for making IB Registration a success!  The Administration, Mrs. Valencia, and Mrs. Bailey have been amazing during the last 2 months.

29 Juniors are registered in anticipation of becoming Diploma Candidates next year.

58 Juniors and Seniors are Course/Certificate Students.

36 Seniors comprise our largest Diploma class ever!

More important than the numbers, thank you to the teachers and parents for your unending support.  I’m encouraged by teachers who teach with integrity and challenge students simply because they believe every Charger should leave Charter Oak better than when they arrived.  Thank you to the parents who have done more to support our students than we’ll every know – it shows in our classrooms.

Enjoy the weekend and the week leading up to vacation.  I hope everyone is looking forward to time with friends and family – two things that will last a lot longer than high school.

-Mr. Long

PS Go Chargers Football!  Take time this weekend to go see the Fall Play, “Heaven Can Wait.”


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