Last Day to Verify Your Registration and Register!!

You must stop by F8 to see Mr. Long by the end of lunch TODAY.  You will be asked to verify all of your registration information.  It will take just a few seconds – literally. This is important and necessary, do not wait!  (Many students have already done this.  The largest unfinished group is from Global.)

You can stop by before school – including before Zero Period – and during Charger Time, or after school.  (Please avoid trying to stop by during break because I like breaks too:)

Have an amazing week!


If you are planning on taking at least 1 IB Exam and completing community service work to receive a cord at graduation, the deadline to sign up and pay is 3pm, TODAY!

You can turn them in before school, at break, at lunch and AFTER school (which means after 2:40) not after 5th because that is when Ms. Valencia takes lunch. Waiting til the last day is frowned upon.


  1.  Enter your information and exams online here:
  2. Download and print the paper Registration Form here if you need one:  ib-registration-payment-form15-16  
  3. Fill out the form and turn it in with your money to Ms. Valencia in the Administration Office ASAP.

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