2016 Diploma Finalized IB Registrations

The 2016 IB Diploma Candidates below will be asked to come see me soon to sign off on their IB Registrations.  If your name is not on this list it means you did not register your Extended Essay and your registration isn’t finished.  (IB requires specific information regarding your essay, click here to do so, thanks!)  https://iblong.org/exam-registration/extended-essay-registration-2013/

(Isn’t this exciting!!  Pretty soon you’ll be registered and your name will be internationally recognized – literally!)

Hernandez Trevor
Lau Stacey
Mandeville Casey
Rubalcava Daniel
Ramirez Destiny
Catalan Brianna
Nguyen Ryan
Labib Caroline
D’Annunzio Brandon
Brammer Claire
Rodriguez Emily
Gooden Kamryn


If you are planning on taking at least 1 IB Exam and completing community service work to receive a cord at graduation, the deadline to sign up and pay is 3pm, Friday 10/30.

You can turn them in before school, at break, at lunch and AFTER school (which means after 2:40) not after 5th because that is when Ms. Valencia takes lunch. Waiting til the last day is frowned upon.


  1.  Enter your information and exams online here:  https://iblong.org/exam-registration/2012-ib-exam-registration-forms/
  2. Download and print the paper Registration Form here if you need one:  ib-registration-payment-form15-16  
  3. Fill out the form and turn it in with your money to Ms. Valencia in the Administration Office ASAP.

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