Important 2015-16 Information for IB, CAS, and NHS, Students and Parents

Welcome Back!  After one of the highest total exam pass rates in our school’s history (83%) we’re looking forward to a rewarding school year.  Below is some of the information you need to know to stay informed and prepared, including the costs of this year’s IB Exams.  At the very bottom is the opportunity to receive text updates.  I will use these to remind students and parents of important dates and deadlines.


Mr. Long is the Advisor for students in NHS and Course or Certificate students in the IB program.  NHS students need to complete at least 25 hours of community service.  Hours and reflections need to be submitted to or kept in a journal or blog format.  We will be meeting individually and in small groups during the semester.  CAS students will work with Mr. Long during the year and complete hours based on each student’s individual plan.  This is an exciting and fun time of your high school experience to try new things, take risks, and experience your community through service.  I have already heard amazing stories of students making a difference.


Senior and Junior IB Diploma Candidates can continue and/or get started on their CAS work through the CAS Coordinator’s website.  Here is a note from Mr. Higuera:

Please join our blog community where you will post reflections on your Creativity Action Service activities. Why a blog community? The ibo states clear and specific expectations for CAS outcomes. These include both interpersonal development and collaboration. Sharing your CAS experiences in our blog community will aid in fostering these exemplary essentials that result from both your service and reflection. In addition, you will have an opportunity to share your life-enriching experiences in a unique way while also having the ability to read what your fellow Chargers are doing during their CAS experiences. Moreover, I will be able to closely monitor your progress, offer resources that will be readily available to each of you, and communicate in an efficient manner with individuals and groups of individuals as you complete your service. Below is the join URL and group code. If you have any issues getting on board, please let me know right away either by stopping by E1 or emailing Stop in anyway to say hi if, and when, you get a chance. Looking forward to hearing more about each of your CAS experiences!!! Happy blogging!!! –Mr Higuera
Edmodo Join URL:
Edmodo Group Code: 3ny5i6


Here are the costs for this year’s IB Exams.  We will follow the same policies regarding financial aid and payment plans as last year.  All financial aid questions should be directed to the Administration.  The school’s phone number is 626 915 5841.  Please email me (Mr. Long) with any questions or concerns.

Registration Fee:  $164.00

Each Exam Fee:  $113.00

If you took at least 1 IB Exam last year AND you were registered to be a Diploma Candidate AND you’re still going to be a Diploma Candidate, you do not need to pay the registration fee of $164.00.  I will publish a list of those students.

Registration will take place in the middle of September and continue through the month of October.


Subscribe to updates via text using the numbers below.

Ib class of 2016

TEXT:  @ib2016

to (424) 789-8749

Ib class of 2017

TEXT:  @ib2017

to (424) 277-2146


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