Class of 2015’s Exam Results (Highlights)

It’s my last day of vacation!  I can’t wait to get back and see everyone.  The teachers and students I’ve spoken with over the summer are thrilled with results of their hard work last year.  Here are some of the highlights:

9 f the 17 students who received an IB Diploma scored higher than a 30 and the average score of all passing students was a 32.  This is significant because many UCs give in-coming freshmen sophomore-status when they score above a 30.  One student received a 38 and another a 39.  Consider this – there are a few colleges who will waive a student’s undergraduate work if they score a 40 or higher!  Our overall pass rate for the Diploma was 70%.

Congratulations to Mrs. Wilcox, Mrs. Shockey, the HL Art students,  Mrs. Archer (2 years in a row!!) and Sra Bernal’s SL Spanish students for posting pass rates of 100%!

Congratulations to Mrs. Grund and the HL Bio students who had a pass rate of 86%.

Congratulations to Mr. Harte, Mr. Higuera, and the SL English students who passed with a rate of 83%!

Congratulations to Sra. Bernal and the HL Students who passed with an 80% pass rate.

Our SL Spanish students scored nearly a full point higher than the international average.

Felicitations to 2 of the 3 French SL students passed!

The APUSH pass rate exceeded the national pass rate and the AP CALC AB exam pass rate was 69%!  The national average score was a 2.9, ours was a 3.1 with 20 of 29 students passing – congratulations to Mrs. Plecas!! Charter Oak’s total AP pass rate was 53%

Special congratulations to Luis Gonzalez who was the one student who took and passed the Math SL exam and to Diana Manosalva who was the only one to take the AP Spanish Language Exam and scored a 5!

In many of the courses only 1 student, or just 3 or 4 didn’t pass – but they still left with the skills needed to succeed beyond Charter Oak.  Beyond these scores are the gains made in the Extended Essay, the additions of a new CAS Advisor and second TOK Teacher last year.

Our Math Studies students and HL English students also averaged higher scores than the international averages.

The class of 2015-16 has the potential to be the largest IB Diploma class in the school’s history.  That’s impressive but it’s not the most important measure of success.  One of the most important aspects of our success is consistency. Charter Oak boasts one of the most rigorous academic settings in which students consistently choose rigor!  Growth in size isn’t as important as who are students are when they leave our campus.

Thank you to each of the teachers who makes sure this happens every day!!

If you would like clarification or specific data on courses and exams, send me an email at


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