Time For Senior Diploma Candidates to Meet With Mr. Higuera For CAS

From Mr. Higuera:

IB Diploma Senior Students–

It’s that time of year! I hope your have enjoyed your summer and that you are busy with summer homework and CAS hours. A couple of details for you as we move toward the beginning of the school year: 
a. Please schedule an appointment to meet with me in August, either during Charger Time (any day), lunch (any day), or before first period on Wednesdays. This meeting is mandatory if you are to receive credit for CAS, and it’s essential that you contact me asap for a date you prefer. When we meet, you will update me on your CAS activities and on your progress. We will discuss deadlines and will get answers to any questions you may have about finalizing your final CAS submissions. You can email a time request to me at shiguera@cousd.net, or complete a conference request form on my website: higueracohs.weebly.com. 
b. Here’s a link to the COHS CAS website which may have answers to questions and which may offer you direction in any areas where you may be having trouble.
c. I would like to have you as a part of our blog community so I am able to monitor the group’s progress and so we can share our experiences during our CAS work. Here is a link in case you haven’t had a chance to join the site: 
Join URL: https://edmo.do/j/x9vg7v

Group Code: b7e4y4
Please email me right away if you need direction or have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you in August. 

About Mr. Chris Long
all things for college-bound students at charter oak

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