Get Your Codes For Your IB Scores in July

You will need your codes to access your scores in July.  Please see Mr. Long immediately to get your codes. 

Below is the link and the time your scores will be released.  If there are any changes they will be published via  If you are a senior who still needs to submit your college information in order to have your IB score forwarded to your school, click here to do so:  Send My IB Scores!


Candidates may access their own May 2015 session results via from 16:15 hours (GMT) on 6 July using their unique personal identification number (PIN). The release of results to candidates will be staggered at 15 minute intervals based upon the time zone in which the schools are located.

CANDIDATE NUMBER:  000509 – #### The first set of numbers are the same for everyone, the last 4 are unique to you.

PERSONAL CODE:  abc1234 This is 3 lower case letters and three or four numbers.

PIN:  This is a series of all capital letters and numbers.


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