Senior Awards Lists

If you believe there is a mistake please see Mr. Long ASAP.  The lists are published frequently to make sure they are accurate for Senior Awards Night next month.

2015 NHS Students

Augustyn Liam
Cruz James Christopher
Dugally Mohammed
Escobedo Natalie
Flores Erin
Garcia Raquel
Manila Adrian
Mendoza Ethan
Montes Natalie
Nguyenla Xammy
Pastrana Talia
Riley Thea
Ritchie Nicholas
Rose Elizabeth
Torres Olivia
Varghese Susanna

2015 Certificate (Course) Candidates

These are students who are taking at least 1 IB exam this year and have completed community service work.

Driggs Desiree
Manosalva Diana
Augustyn Liam
Moronez Mireya
Escobedo Natalie
Montes Natalie
Varghese Susanna

2015 Diploma Candidates (Pending Completion of CAS with Mr. Higuera)

Alvarez, Camila Pending
Antig, Zachary Pending
Ascencio, Nancy Pending
Baker, Farah Pending
Casto, Michael Pending
Cervantes, Gabriel Pending
Cortes, Marina Pending
Cruz, James Christopher Pending
Dugally, Mohammed Pending
Flores, Erin Pending
Garcia, Raquel Pending
Gonzalez, Luis Pending
Manila, Adrian Pending
Martinez, Matthew Pending
Morales, Aaron Pending
Nguyenla, Xammy Pending
Nolan, Cebrina Pending
Riley, Thea Pending
Ritchie, Nicholas Pending
Rose, Elizabeth Pending
Sabatino, Jacob Pending
Serrano, Jan Pending
Stein, Devynn Pending
Torres, Olivia Pending
Vest, Louis Pending
Vice, Jesse Pending

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One Response to Senior Awards Lists

  1. Karen Koepp says:

    Hello Mr. Long! I was looking at the senior awards list and I was wondering if you could explain to me where I stand with the certificate award and the NHS award. Thanks!                                                                                                                                            Karen Koepp

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